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Hy, Guys this is me again back with a new project.
This is a very simple and small. Even you can put it in your pocket.
It contains only 3 components in main. It tests the remote signal when
a button is pressed I usually use it to test my remote.

Step 1:

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1. TSOP 1738
2. Buzzer
3. Battery
4. Battery Holder
5. Double Sided Foam Tape
6. Electrical Tape

Step 2:

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Cut The Female headers to buzzer and cut from 1 side.

Step 3:

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Now from the positive end of the buzzer cut the wire from the middle and attach the battery holders positive end
to the middle as shown in picture.

Step 4:

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Now attach the positive end of the buzzer to the middle leg of Tsop 1738.
And the wire that you are other wire you are seeing will be explained in
further steps.

Step 5:

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Now attach the negative end of the buzzer at the signalling
leg of of TSOP 1738 and in short the right side of the TSOP 1738 as shown in picture.

Step 6:

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Now attach the negative of batter holder to left leg of the
sensor as shown in picture.

Step 7:

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Now the circuit is complete and we will get on to make it
more comprehensive.

Step 8:

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Now take some double sided foam tape and attach the sensor on battery.

Step 9:

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Now attach the buzzer as you like and cover the wires with the electrical tape.
And congratulation all the people who were following these steps have created the
Pocket remote testor.

Step 10:

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You can attach one side of holder to battery and leave
the other like the one shown in the pic. and you can
attach it whenever you want to turn the circuit on.


spirit x (author)2014-04-11

which wire of the buzzer is positive?

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