Introduction: Pocket Rocket Launcher

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This is a real rocket launcher that fits in your pocket. It is easy and cheap! If you like it, vote for it!

Step 1: Parts and Tools

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Almost All Of These Can Be Bought At Radioshack:
Altoids Tin
DPDT Heavy Duty Rocker Switch
Mini SPST Momentary Pushbutton Switch
Red LED With Holder And Built In Resistor
9 Volt Battery Snap
9 Volt Battery
9/16th Inch Wide Copper Tubing (Can Be Found At Radioshack)
Alligator Clip Test Leads
A10-3T or A10-PT Rocket Engines (Available At Hobbytown)
Wire Strippers
Metal Snippers
Pocket Knife
Soldering Iron
Hot Glue Gun
Pipe Cutter
Large Drill Bits
Small Drill Bit
Block Of Wood

Step 2: Getting the Tin Ready

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This step is creating holes for the rocket and switches to go through.
Parts And Tools: Altoids Tin, Pliers, Metal Snippers, Drill, Large Drill Bits, A Small Drill Bit,Round File, Clamp, Wood Block

Step 1: Bend the metal tabs holding the lid on back. Remove the lid. Bend one tab so it there is no hole in the tin. Then bend one tab so it is flat against the tin. (Photo 1)
Step 2: Cut off the bottom metal on one of the holes on the lid. (Photo 2)
Step 3: Mark the size of the holes for the switch and tubing. Put a block of wood in the tin and clamp it down. This makes the tin not bend. Drill them out. If the holes aren't big enough, file them out.(Photos 3, 4, 5, and 6)
Step 3:Drill a Hole in the back for the LED using previous techniques. (Photo 7)
Step 4: Shave off some of the screw on ring of the rocker switch. (Photo 8)
Step 5: Cut an approximately 3 in. piece of pipe. If the pipe cutter made an indent on the pipe file it out. (Photo 9 and 10
Step 6: Check and see if everything fits. (Photo 11)

Step 3: Solder It

Picture of Solder It

This is the step when you solder the switches and stuff.
Parts and tools: Rocker Switch, Push Momentary Switch, LED, 9 Volt Battery Snap, Soldering Iron, Solder, Wire, Wire Stripper

Step 1: Cut the alligator clips in half so you have 2 alligator clips with wires.
Step 2: Solder the battery snap's black wire, the LED's black wire, and 1 alligator clip together. Be sure to slip on shrink wrap before you solder it. Then shrink the shrink wrap. (Pictures 1 and 2)
Step 3: Solder the red wire from the battery snap to 1 of the tabs on it. Be sure to shrink wrap it. Then, solder a short piece of wire to the other tab. (Pictures 3, 4, and 5)
Step 4: Solder the red wire from the LED, a short piece of wire, and the wire from the rocker switch together. Shrink wrap it all with the short piece of wire sticking out back towards the switch(Picture 6 shows what I mean).(Picture 6) *Disregard the color of the wire, it was just some salvaged wire.
Step 5: Solder the short piece of wire to one of the tabs on the momentary switch, and shrink wrap it. Solder the other alligator clip to the other tab of the momentary switch and shrink wrap it.(Pictures 7 and 8)
Step 6: When you turn the rocker switch on, the back LED should light up. If the alligator clips are touching and you press the momentary switch, the LED should go out. (Picture 9)

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Picture of Finishing Touches

For the finishing touches you need:
Hot Glue Gun, Hot Glue Sticks, Soda Can, Scissors, Metal Snips, Electrical Tape(Optional), Scissors

Step 1: Measure and cut a piece of soda can metal the length and height of the tin, with a notch big enough for the wires to go through. Cover with tape for a "stealthy" look. This is the blast shield.(Picture 1)
Step 2: Glue all of the solder points and wires down, except for the alligator clips and battery snap. Also, glue the blast shield and launch tube. (Picture 2)
Step 3: Cut out a slot on top for the rocker switch so you can close it all the way. (Pictures 3 and 4)

Step 5: Launching!!!!

Picture of Launching!!!!

This is what you need to launch it:
The assembled launcher, rocket motor, rocket ignitor, ignitor plug, gloves, common sense, a properly functioning brain

Step 1: Insert the ignitor and plug into the rocket and slide down the tube. Connect the alligator clips. Put on your gloves and turn on the rocker switch. Make sure the LED comes on. (Photo 1)
Step 2: Use your brain and common sense. Point away from people, pets, and flammable things. Press the button. After a little delay and a puff of smoke, off it goes!!!!! (Photo 2)
HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and be safe


konosuke (author)2016-06-02

This is prohibited by model rocker code and most laws. YOU NEED TO BE AT LEAST 15 FEET AWAY FROM THE ROCKET! This is violation of model rocketry code. SOMEONE REMOVE THIS! THIS IS IN VIOLATION OF THE LAW!

zjharva (author)konosuke2016-06-05

See reply chain below.

ROCKETMAN (author)2008-04-17

This instructable needs to be removed! Launching a rocket motor without any stablization and recovery system is an uncontrolled weapon!!!! It is also prohibited my all model rocket safety codes. It may also be ilegel in most jurisdictions.

zrocker (author)ROCKETMAN2009-06-05

yea well you only get one life on Earth, you have to die sometime. Might as well be while launching a frikin awzum rocket then dying alone in agony at age 94

bighead5454 (author)zrocker2009-07-15

or launching a rocket at age 94 while dieing in agony

cp98 (author)bighead54542010-11-16

that would be awesome!

grizzly g (author)zrocker2009-06-16

lol so true

Whitedude0728 (author)ROCKETMAN2009-12-05

who cares. if a kid get smacked in the face by a rocket engne its their own fault not the instructables.

Scar16 (author)ROCKETMAN2009-10-16

who cares

andi456 (author)ROCKETMAN2009-08-10

get over it

skatattookid (author)ROCKETMAN2009-08-03

I got 3rd degree burns on my face chest and hands from lighting a rocket engine on fire, still have scars.........5 years later. yea not a good idea.

aplauche (author)ROCKETMAN2009-07-07

OH NO!!! it breaks model rocket codes??? some one report this! rocketman call 911 right now that way we can report this felony. im sure the police will put this case of model rocket safety code violation at the top of their priorities. sorry robot. this guy had it coming

mr j124 (author)ROCKETMAN2009-05-16

well there is a way to stabilize it i have done it and i made my own rockets

ROCKETMAN (author)mr j1242009-05-16

I know that there are ways to stablize it. My point was that it lacked any stablization or recovery system as presented in the Instructable.

in that case lets add fins to it and a F***ing little parachute to it so we can ruin all the fun is that what you want?

fins aren't gonna ruin your fun. they are gonna let you fire at things

hhhmmmmmm but no parachutes and we get to put warheads on them

o ya

yes i demand warheads at least (1st degree or above) and no parachutes

now we are talking

and i demand at least 10 pounds of yellow cake uranium

Ill place a call to iran

ask for achmed ohams i got the hookups

you now this site just got flagged by the cia

and u know were just playin around

lol yep i know

the point it if spins around and nails you in the face your gonna rele wish that you had added fins


not any part part is gonna say rocketman and coffee bean were right

Coffee bean (author)Coffee bean2008-10-06

no i just need to proof read

??? learn some grammer

*part of you* sorry bout that.


correction its spelled L2GRAMMER N00B

hmmmm if i had to decifer that message i'm guessing you said learn to grammer witch is also horrible grammer so your a noob

zjharva (author)darth acexxacer2008-08-23

lol yeah! you know you're instructable name is rocketman, right?

finnster (author)ROCKETMAN2008-09-17


big-jamie (author)ROCKETMAN2008-05-25

then dont do it if you dont want to...

zjharva (author)big-jamie2008-05-25


ROCKETMAN (author)zjharva2008-05-25

Home Land Security has threatened to restrict or even ban consumer access of Class C model rocket motors because they perceive them as possible terror weapons. Instructables like this one only feed their fears.

Coffee bean (author)ROCKETMAN2008-09-16

yes but then they just built themselves another black market and a good chance that people kill themselves trying to make there own.

mspark400 (author)ROCKETMAN2008-06-25

yeah and the boston police thought that l.e.d = bomb. Case and point those in charge of security aren't always the most down to earth. The government occasionally lacks common sensibility when it come to some safety measures while ignoring things that might actually be a lot more useful and dangerous in the hands of terrorists.
Bottom line, good instructable, and i have to agree a little dangerous but i don't think this has to lead to terrorism claims so relax.
good job zjharva

big-jamie (author)ROCKETMAN2008-05-26

yeah that may be so, but you can do alot more worse things than this without a rocket motor

zjharva (author)ROCKETMAN2008-05-29

thanks! I'm just enjoying my childhood!

O wowie you must be some old man. Do you have any sense of fun/humor? Sorry instructables robot for no be nice. He be asking for it

Colonel88 (author)2009-12-10

"Step 6:Check and see if everything fits."

That's what she said.

Robot Lover (author)Colonel882010-02-27


Scar16 (author)2009-10-17

did you enter the pocket sized competition

aplauche (author)2009-07-07

lol rocketman this is a good instructable awesome pocket accessory

___ (author)2009-06-12

How do you stabilize it?

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