I will show you how to build a Pocket Rocket Stove.
If you don't know what a rocket stove is, have a look at "rocketstoves.com" or search at Youtube where there are tons of very good videos to get inspiration from.

Step 1: Material List

Materials needed:
1x oval bucket with lid
1x stove-pipe 120mm x 1 m
1x stove-pipe 130mm x 50 cm
10l hydro clay for hydroculture-plants
2,5 kg chamotte mortar

Everything costs about 35 EUR

Tools needed:
hammer (optional)
oil (optional)
marker pen
metal scissors
bucket (for mixing the mortar)
bucket with the same shape as the bucket for the stove but slightly smaller
plastic bag
I really like your design.<br>But it seems like it might get clogged with ash at the bottom of the burn pipe?<br>Or it might be hard to start the air convection through the larger pipe?
I had no problems with the ash yet. <br>But you're right, you have to be very careful when you start the fire, to prevent getting a backward-draft. I always push some sheets of paper down the chimney and light them to start the draft in the right direction.<br><br>Next time I definitely make a 'real' rocket stove and not a pocket rocket, then you don&rsquo;t have these problems.
<p>As far as the smoke drafting the wrong direction, just blow the feed tube like you were blowing out a candle. That should get the air flow going in the other direction and the heat will do the rest.</p>
dang.. definitly aint gonna fit in no pocket.. xD

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