This is a small paper rocket. It's pretty fun to play with and easy to make, but it spirals a lot when you throw it.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, its hard to take pictures of something so small.

Step 1: Materials

You will need

1. Paper (I used printer paper)
2. Scotch tape
3. Scissors
u kould make it into a dart if u taped a tack on top
Ummmm.... I'd change the name if i were you.
reutsap is right why would you thing of that!?!?!
That is dirty, this is in the kids section, nobody is going to think of that. Besides what should I change it too?
paper rocket
Try and power it with a match rocket
i filled it the cone whit wax <br/>and 1 cap on the top<br/>(from the ring of caps u buy at the store)<br/>it flys so far, and then<strong> bomb!</strong><br/>its sooo kool thax 4 the isb.<br/>
Well actually pocket rockets are a type of pocket bikes which are basically mini motorcycles; so yes you should change the name.
I wonder what would happen if you added a match rocket.......
your point about it being hard to take pictures of something so tiny can be solved by using the macro setting on the camera. Should look like a flower on the camera. hope that helps out for the future :)
its fine, some ppl are just perverted

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