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Introduction: Pocket Saxophone Amazing

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Step 1: Materials

You can use any kind of saxophone mouth piece. Here I am using an alto because that's what I had at my house. My favorite on to use is a baritone sax mouth piece. Anyone is fine ad they all sound cool. Vote please and comment if you have and questions or concerns.

Step 2: The Recorder

Step 3: The Mouthpiece

Again any kind of mouth piece. I wonder if you could do this with a clarinet mouthpiece. If someone does that tell me in the comments.

Step 4: Making the Sax

Here's a video it's only a link though. Don't laugh at me for having the worst reed. Otherwise it's easy to play. [(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIGwe5ueNFY)] There you go



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    Hiya. This is actually amazing. I found that if you put a thick hair band over the tape that is works better. It sounds like a high pitched recorder and sax put together.

    2013 06:14 PM.jpg

    I did but it's stupid. So when I post it it will be very stupid

    You didn't even say what kind of mouth piece ._. Alto?

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    Yea I am going to add a vid that talks about the mouth pieces. I used an alto but I like bari the best. You can also use tenor or soprano. Vote please and thanks for the comment I totally forgot.

    If it does it's really cool!

    Does this actually work? I mean like does it sound like a sax? I play alto sax. Does it sound like an alto or a soprano?