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From old summer clothes you can prepare for the winter! A reversible scarf that has four pockets, two on both sides, keeping your hands and neck warm.
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Step 1:

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Your old summer shirt
Your old summer shorts
Measuring tape
Construction paper
Seam ripper
Sewing Machine

Step 2:

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Measure and cut out, on the construction paper, 6  1/4" high to use as a ruler. Use a seam ripper to open the shirt on one side so you can cut it. Cut horizontally across and around the shirt so you end up with a long piece of fabric when opened. Repeat the last step so you end up with two long pieces.

Step 3:

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Pin the two pieces together so the fabric is long enough to be a scarf.

Step 4:

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From the outside seem of the shorts, cut out  6  1/4'  on both sides of the shorts so you have two pockets for each opposite end of the scarf.

Step 5:

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Pin and sew the pockets to the scarf leaving the top open and fabric at the bottom to fold over the back. Turn the scarf over and fold and sew the remaining fabric from the shorts.

Step 6:

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There you have it, a reversible pocket scarf!
josefski2 years ago
This is very clever!
Cute! I love the look of the stripes with the jeans!