Step 6: The Finished Product

I love this little screw driver. It fits perfectly in the little pocket above the normal pocket in my jeans.
As you can see the handle can store either 1 large hex bit or 2 small ones. I like variety so I only use the small bits. I keep 2 in the handle and 1 in the magnetic bit holder.

If you like, please vote for the pocket sized contest.

Thank you!
Hehe...... Lamp wire nipple.
Please stay mature on here. ;)
<p>Nice Ible. Just one question. What happens when you need a flat headed screwdriver bit? All I see in the pictures are Phillips head bits.</p>
It's a Philips world, my friend. I personally prefer flathead to Phillips, because, although they slip, slotted screws are harder to strip.<br />
hey you knoiw the little bit driver well cut the grey bit off the end with a hacksaw about 1 cm from the silver bit then glue it into a 6.5mm socket then attach it to a ratchet and you have your own coupler
You know what... Yeah, you COULD get one from a Hardware store.... BUT I bet hard cash it wont be as satisfying or as aesthetically pleasing to use as that one! that is one FINE lookin, pocket driver kit! Im gonna give ya a very rare (for me) 10/10 for that one! Bloody Gorgeous!
Gotta give props, the whole point if instructables is to make something from scratch or break something to make it your own. This is an perfect example of that. If the answer to this ingenuity is "you could just buy the same thing at a hardware store", you're missing the point if this site in the first place. Excellent work!!
there is really no point in this. you could probably get a more efficient and smaller one from a hardware store. but good instructable
No point but he had the satisfaction of doing it himself and may have learned something that will help him on the next project.
You know, Give the guy a break, this is a cool "steam punk" looking screwdriver. if you want to support the CHICOMs, go ahead and buy their products. This would be a cool thing to make when the cheap screwdriver from China breaks and you have a handful of pieces left. Instructables is about innovation and imagination (something sorely lacking from our country right now). Please keep this in mind before dissing somebodies work. BTW - There really isn't any purpose to "modding" an Altoid box either. I don't understand the point of all these things made from Altoids boxes, but you know what, if you want to do it, that is cool, Just please respect other people's work. Jim
Thank you
there may not really be any point in making this for utilitarian purposes, but it sure looks way cooler than any commercially manufactured miniature screwdriver set, and unlike most of them, you can store the bits inside the handle.
Agreed. Altho, when I see the pic- I can't help but see the contraption as a smoking pipe too! : )
My wife says the same thing!
Ah, you beat me to it. :P
I think It's just an okay idea, because what about areas where there is little space, so maybe it would be a better idea to do the same thing, but with the tip of the screw driver on top instead of the side, or add two magnetic holders, one on the side, and one on the top... you know for areas where you have little room to play with.
Stores make both straight and angled screwdrivers for different reasons. There are many places that angled screwdrivers can fit into that straight ones can't , and there are also places angled ones can't fit into that straight ones can. They both have there place in the tool world. This is an idea I implemented and I didn't make it solve all the screw driver problems in the world. I like angled screw drivers for their size and the torque that can be applied to to them.
Very cool, I wish that you had the option of putting the bit on the end though. That way it would let you get into tighter spaces, but wouldn't allow you to get a good handle on it.
It does have the option as far as I can tell, the end is the same threads as the bit holder.
i used to have a nice little pocket tool kit. i got it at the hardware store but it was faithful until it fell down the elevator shaft and was never seen again...
i have pocket screwdriver sometimes. a U.S. dime. if it;s too think then i use a paring knife.
i don't keep paring knives in my pocket though.
If you wanted to you could screw the magnetic bit into the storage end. There the same thread.
Chip. You got coconuts my friend. Great little pocket sized tool. Screws get tighter with the angle from wrist control, cheap. Nice job.
&quot;no, really officer, it <em>is</em> a screwdriver.&quot;<br/>
Hahaha nice one man! made me laugh.
I have a multi tool that has a magnetic screwdriver attachment and a pocket to hold more bits. It (the multi tool) is pretty crappy though. The pliers don't open and close very well. I think I will take of the screwdriver section and adapt it to something like this.
Absolutely beautiful. And given it's design it seems like it could double up as a chillum as well. :P
Thats a really good idea, it looks nice too. Handy !
That is lovely - decorative as well as compact.<br/><br/>I especially like the way you threaded the bit driver to attach it to the handle, a method which would also make the D-ring bit driver easier to make:<br/><br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-D-Ring-Bit-driver/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-D-Ring-Bit-driver/</a><br/>
Wow nice. Lamp parts! I would have never imagined!
That's really nifty. If I didn't have my leatherman skeletool, I just might have made this!

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