Picture of Pocket Shot
This instructable will show you how to make a cheap and easy "slingshot" small enough to fit in your pocket but strong enough to break stuff! A word of caution before we get started, depending on how well you make this thing you could seriously hurt yourself or others, the household pets, or various nick nacks. Now that you are properly warned, let's go!
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Step 1: Gather the needed materials:

Picture of Gather the needed materials:
one regular sized round ballon
one empty juice bottle
optional: corn starch or baby powder

Step 2: Cut off the top of the juice bottle

Picture of Cut off the top of the juice bottle
Just as pictured, you want to cut it so that you are left with a bell shaped piece. You can throw away the bottom piece, we're done with it.

Step 3: Trim the edge

Picture of Trim the edge
Turn the top upside down and look carefully at the inside edge. If any of it is curled or turned inward, trim it off until you have a nice wide opened without any curled edges.

Step 4: Cut the balloon.

Picture of Cut the balloon.
Almost done. Cut the neck of the balloon off right where the picture shows. Next cut off the lip on the other end of the neck and set that aside. You should be left with what amounts to a round rubber pouch and a makeshift rubber band.

Step 5: Attach the balloon to the juice bottle top

Picture of Attach the balloon to the juice bottle top
Stretch the balloon over the neck of the bottle top. Make sure you get on as straight as possible. Did you notice the grooves on the bottle neck? Take your make shift rubber band and slip it over the balloon and into the deepest groove on the bottle neck. This will hold the balloon on nice and tight. If you took the time to grab some baby powder or corn starch, drop just a pinch of it into the balloon and shake it around a bit. This will keep the balloon from sticking to itself in the near future. The finished product should look something like the picture below.
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gabcunha4 days ago

Made it a very long time ago

hInstance1 year ago
These are fun to shoot but I find they don't last long. The rubber of the balloon can't take the forces involved and will eventually tear, so a new balloon then has to be used. Is there some way to ease the load on the rubber so it lasts longer?
person%2 years ago
I've just made a similar one and it can shoot about 70 metres!
person%2 years ago
there could be less chance of the balloon slipping off if you wrap a rubber band around the neck a few times (that's strangling).
boom man562 years ago
I shot some bbs and it went farther than I thought it would.
boom man562 years ago
what dose it shoot
gwite907 years ago
you can also use a hair roler and a latex finger off of a latex glove its stronger
why dont we throw condoms and empty water ballons in there while we're at it?
True True Condoms Aren't As Strong Well Some Aren't
or polyvinylchloride
thoraxe gwite907 years ago
the glove sucks.
id put tape or string to keep ballon from sliping off and hitting you in the hand
A zip-tie would work well too...
i was looking and thinking and why not keep the cap and make it basically just the threads so you can stick teh baloon on and then the cap over to make it stay and so you can shoo through it still
What The Heck
Now that's a great idea. I was just thinking along those lines
SBD (author)  dcshoeco338 years ago
I can honestly say I have never thought of that. Try it out and let the rest of us know how well it works. Good thinking! ;)
dcshoeco33 SBD8 years ago
it works very well i havent had the baloon fall off once :)
SBD (author)  dcshoeco337 years ago
Cool, what bottle did you use?
this is the most powerful, simplist, smallist gun iv ever made. I put a BB through 3 dr. pepper cans. it works great thank you.

BTW do not shoot short dowels or short matches, the dowel went throught the ballon and into my hand not fun.
Dr Pepper RULEZ!!!!(random)
Lol yeah i agree doctor pepper does rule hahaa
Ditto Ditto
I know....
SBD (author)  i make shooting things8 years ago
Ouch! Hey I warned ya! Glad to hear your having fun with it though.
 hot glue it
SBD (author)  i make shooting things8 years ago
If you use the neck of the balloon as a rubberband it is usually tight enough to hold it on. Take another look at step 5. Of course if that is not working for you then mabye you cut the balloon so that the opening is too big or you need a smaller balloon.
SBD (author)  SBD8 years ago
Another thing could be the type of bottle you used does not have a deep enough groove to put the balloon neck over to keep it on tight enough.
Plo Koon3 years ago
Is it as powerful as an airsoft gun when using airsoft ammo? rsvp.
QwertyuioLP6 years ago
I stick stuff like flour in the balloon or my homemade paint ball's in ther. P.S. If you would like me to post my homemade paint ball's answer this message and I'll post it.
plz post how to make paintballs
I am, just got a problem
I'd be interested. Why don't you post it?
hey will you send me it?
krin964 years ago
no cool
bunduk7 years ago
this is really cool i will make one later ad tell you how i did also if you like shooting stuff check out the range of knex guns on this site -bunduk
all knex guns do is flood this web site with crap!
bloody knex...
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