This is What I take with me when I go hiking, camping.

I wanted to try and make my own and I found that these items are going to work for me! You should try making one too :)

Small Pouch- Keep altoids tin in this
Altoids tin - Keep most contents in this
Storm Proof Matches - Start a fire
Paper - Making notes
Foil Paper - Boil water with
Small BIC Lighter - Start a fire
Cotton Ball - Helps to start a fire
Water Purification Tablets
Pain meds - For Pain!
Fishing string - To catch a fish
Fishing Hooks w/  floats - Use with the fishing string
Safety Pins - Lost a button or use as a fishing hook
Signal Mirror - signal for help
First Aid items - For cuts, sunburn or bug repellent
Pencil - writing with
Coffee Filter - filter debris from water
Alcohol Prep Pads - for cleaning cuts or starting a fire
Duct Tape - attaching two items together or leaving a mark on a tree
Pocket Saw - cutting small branches for tinder and fire
Wire - Tying something together
Whistle - Make some noise
Magnifying Lens - Make fire

Nice kit!!
oops i click post comment too many times lol
id keep in fishing line but make sure it is braided so u can use it other stuff other than fishing
id keep in fishing line but make sure it is braided so u can use it other stuff other than fishing
id keep in fishing line but make sure it is braided so u can use it other stuff other than fishing
id keep in fishing line but make sure it is braided so u can use it other stuff other than fishing
=////=======&gt; One day You'll be working for N.A.S.A..! <br />
Very nice kit, better than some around here.<br><br>May I throw my 2 cents in?<br><br>- some items are there but there is too little of them to make good use of it. you need more duct-tape, more pins. The medic part is very small, two pieces of paper is too little. I know this would add to weight and volume, but things are there to be of some use.<br><br>- some items are very unlikely to be of any use: did you try to boil water with tin foil? it's a nightmare. You end up tearing the foil and/or extinguishing the fire. plus you can't boil more than half a glass of it and that litle water is of no use.<br><br>- fishing line? not really... Still wonder why so many kits include those. The chances of using them at the sea or by a river are below zero IMHO.<br><br>- 2 is 1, and 1 is none... but you have 4 different ways of starting a fire. it's god but... may be a little too much?<br><br>- you miss some musta-have: pracord or some other type or cord/rope . a razor blade, a compass<br><br>- how about: zip ties (lots), a lenght of eletric wire, superglue (can be used for sutures too), a sewing kit, rubber bands, paper clips, <br><br>hope not to bother you.... ;-)<br><br>
Fishing line has more uses than for fishing. Use it as twine if necessary to tie whatever needs tying. Make a snare or in a really bad pinch I could suture a deep cut with it. Have you fished with an improvised line? It can, and has, been done. Of course it really depends on the body of water but a long pole across a section of water with four or five different lines and baited hooks. Come back in a few hours. Or look here for ideas http://www.practicalsurvivor.com/survivalfishing <br>
2 cents? I'm seeing more like 6 or 8 cents! LOL..joking...thanks for your thoughts. You have some points I will take into consideration. Im guessing you have experience in the outdoors? Like I said this works for me. As far as some of the other items you mentioned I do carry on me in a backpack, this is just what I carry in my pocket. Have a good one! Thanks for checking out my video :)
Thank you! :-)<br>I've also seen your other videos on Youtube and I like them! <br>The Maxpedition Pocket organizer is another very good option.<br>I've made one myself (it is some sort of knockoff I made myself with my sawing machine) and use it as my EDC<br><br>Not much experienced in the outdoors, rather I'm a urban kind (the city is the new jungle somehow) and I actually use my EDC very ofthen (it is more a ED-USE). So I keep experimenting: keep what I use/need/works and strip the others.
check out my Survival kit here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Survival-kit-5/
I can't believe you could fit all that stuff in that little pouch. Very handy!

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