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Introduction: Pocket-Size Portable Hot Glue

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It's easy to take a tube of glue with you (in case you need it), but it's not the same with a hot glue.

If you want to use a hot glue, you will need a glue gun.

Unless you use a lighter to heat up the glue.

In this Instructable, I demonstrate 2 ways to make a pocket-size portable hot glue.

It's great for emergencies or for times when you have to glue something, but there is nowhere to plug IN a glue gun.

Step 1: Key-chain Glue Stick

You can make a glue stick key-chain.

Drill a hole in the stick and slide it onto the ring.

If you ever need to glue something on the go, just heat up the stick with a lighter.

It's much faster than a glue gun.

Step 2: Glue Stick in the Lipstick's Shell

I used a lipstick's shell for the glue stick.

Open the shell and take out the lipstick holder.

Remove the lipstick from the holder and wash it out.

Step 3:

Heat up a glue stick and insert it into the holder.

Cut the stick shorter and put it all back together.

Now you have a fancy pocket-size hot glue.



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    Hi ShakeThe Future,

    I really appreciate your articles -- good job!

    The keychain glue stick is a great idea -- I would like to suggest an alternative to fix it to the keychain without drilling that also may last longer without breaking: Just heat a short u-shaped piece of wire (from paper clip) and insert into glue stick -- presto! What do you think about it?

    2 replies

    Don't know about Shake the Future, but I like it and am going to use it.

    Nice! :)

    Many hot-melt glues lose effectiveness with prolonged exposure to air, so the lipstick tube is a great idea.

    using a Zippo Lighter in this fashion. works well.

    1 reply

    Yes, Zippo is perfect for the job. I got one of those flint match lighters. It also does the job and is small enough to attach it to the keys.


    Prision Inmates have been using this heat up method for years.

    2 replies

    A lighter?

    like a Zippo or a Bic .even a match will work. you just have to get the glue stick lit/ burning and it melts.

    What kind of drill is that? Where did you get it?

    Brilliant! I will make one. Thanks.

    Nice simple idea for jobs so small it isn't worth fetching and plugging in the glue gun. And handy for travel. Thank you!

    oh my gosh you are a genius.

    So simple. However, the glue sticks tend to break so the keychain one won't last quite as long - at least not the way I handle my keychain! Ha ha! Love the lipstick one.

    1 reply


    For now they keychain seems to be fine, but you're right. It depends how you handle it :)

    Or... You could buy this 10 WATT battery powered hot glue gun


    But If I had to guess its way to weak to do anything...

    1 reply

    maybe it would give more power with rechargeable 3,7v batterys, or it would burn :D