Picture of Pocket Sized Arduino Kit!
This kit includes everything for on the go portable Arduino projects! It includes servos, LEDs, a breadboard and much more!
All made from two Altoids tins.

Step 1: Parts.

Picture of Parts.
This is a basic compilation of parts for your pocket sized kit. You can mix and match some of your own components as well.
-Arduino board. (Mine was an Uno)
-2 Altoids tins.
- A small breadboard.
-Jumper wires. (For the breadboard)
-A small switch.
-A few LEDs.
-A servo. (Try to lean on the smaller side)
-A small baggy that fits your Arduino board.
-A small phillips head screwdriver.
-A simple 1.5 volt motor.
-An Arduino USB B cable.
-A jumbo paperclip.
-Hot Glue Gun.

billbillt2 years ago
I like this!!....