Picture of Pocket-Sized CHDK USB Camera Shutter Remote
This Instructable shows you how to make a pocket-sized CHDK USB remote for your Canon camera inside of an Altoids Smalls tin (the new kind with the hinged lid). I kept it pretty simple as far as the circuit goes. It's just batteries connected to a NO push button switch and a jack into which a modified USB cable is inserted. There are no resistors, capacitors, or voltage regulators. It's simplicity at its finest. This remote has a detachable cable as well, that allows a bit of multitasking, as the cable can be used to charge a Motorola phone (or any other device that charges from a 5v power source through mini USB). This I will explain in a bit. In the meantime, let's get a little background.

If you have a Canon camera you should--if you haven't already--check out the CHDK (Canon Hackers Development Kit). The CHDK is a software package that is installed on an SD memory card and runs on your camera in conjunction with your existing firmware to allow a whole slew of features heretofore unavailable with the stock camera. In other words, your camera can do a lot more than Canon is willing to tell you or support with their software, e.g. greater control of photos and video settings, ability to record RAW files, adding USB remote shutter trigger(the subject of this Instructable), and more.

It does all this without voiding any warranties. There are no firmware or hardware hacks. It's all done with software and can be turned on and off in a matter of seconds. It's free, open source and allows the ability to use existing as well as write your own scripts to give even more functionality. Best of all, it gave my Canon A590 IS an option for remote shutter control. Alas, this only works for Canon cameras. If you use a Kodak, you're out of luck on this particular site.

Note: This Instructable is in conjunction with two others recently posted by the Author. They are pieces of this project made into their own Instructables. They combine like Voltron to form the end result of this one. There may be a bit of overlap in these Instructables. Just skip what you have already read. Links to these other Instructables are found on the relevant steps.
valasoft1 year ago
thanks man u did simple but important work. u did a great job as simple as piece of cake . thanks.
dkapper012 years ago
I do not want to sound like an idiot but when you said you soldered a wire between the 3/32" jack and the momentary switch what kind of wire did you use? I do not know much about wires so it left me thinking maybe a red wire maybe blue wire or are they all the same? I am making this at home and would really like to get it right. Thank you and I think this is really cool.
ryandigweed3 years ago
Seems cool !.. Would it work on a HS 220 Canon or 115HS?
Robot Lover5 years ago
red is cool! ;P