Step 11: Making the Measuring Cup

Picture of Making the Measuring Cup
The measuring cup is made out of the "small" tin can and is approximately the same size as the penny stove itself.

1.) There's no need to be too exacting here. Just set the small can next to the penny stove, and draw a line approximately the same height. (Image 1)

2.) Cut off the top (with the dremel, unless you're fortunate enough to own a large tube cutter) so it's close to even.

3.) Sand all of the edges of the cup so it's not sharp.

4.) "Pinch" the lip of the cup so it looks a bit like a spout (Image 2).

The measuring cup can be marked, though I just know by looking how much fuel I need to use in my stove. The ribbed lines around the edge can be used to figure out approximately how long the stove will burn through testing (it will be different for every stove).

I found that this cup was necessary, since the containers of fuel seldom want to pour smoothly, and I didn't feel like having a large fireball in my tent. (Yes, you can use this indoors, with the proper fuel and stability!)
lounice984 years ago
on this step here i actually marked the measuring cup as directed, but then instead of cutting where it was marked i cut above the mark and then folded the lip down, gives it a nice smooth finish and is good for those who dont have sand paper around the house
heres the pics
Javin007 (author)  lounice984 years ago
Nice! But did you fold the lip "in" or "out?" My concern is that if you folded the lip "in" your pour might get choppy, and leave some of the fuel in the cup?
TarzanJr5 years ago
Hey i have a question can the top of the can be on the outside and have the little hole things  be on the bottom of the can?
Javin007 (author)  TarzanJr5 years ago
Can you clarify the question? I can't tell which step you're talking about.
what he's asking is if (before you put the holes in the top can) if you could flip it over and poke the holes so that the seam where the cans come together would be on the bottom
SO i'm new here and hope it's cool to answer a kind of old question, in someone else project...(GREAT job BTW) My guess is he's talking about the jet holes in the top of the stove...

Holes (jets) are in the top since this stove burns vapor. If you try to jet it in the bottom it will quickly become a fountain of nightmare-y OMG, if it will hold fuel at all! (also a very good reason NOT to over fill these things...) I have made them with both the outside can on the top and on the bottom with little difference noticed between the two.

If you don't use JB Weld, put your seam up so any gas that leaks out will create useful heat. If you are going to add the fiberglass wrap some use to help preheat make your seam at the bottom and hide it  behind the fiberglass wick.

Also I reccomend carrying an extra so when johnny stumble foot wrecks your stove you can insult his mother and throw it at him instead of trying to choose between eating raw broccoli and rice or start that protective coating of pitch on your cook set.*

*yes wood guys, I know you can rub soap on 'em
esp096 years ago
what type of fuel do you use and what do you put in the penny can cotton balls? fiberglass? nothing? thanks doing an excellent job this thing is awesome!!!!
evilkidjr esp096 years ago
As of now he uses HEET as fuel and has nothing inside.