Step 14: Creating the Base/Lid

Picture of Creating the Base/Lid
The Base will also double as the lid for the stove.

The Base will allow you to use the stove on surfaces that would otherwise burn. It only ever gets lukewarm to the touch, and as you'll see in the end video, can be used to even hold the lit stove in the palm of your hand. Not sure why you would want to, other than to prove you can, though.

1.) Take your medium can, and cut the bottom of it off with a Dremel at about an inch and a half.

2.) Cut a hole in the middle of the bottom of the can large enough for the base of the small can (measuring cup) to fit through. This doesn't have to be particularly accurate, but don't make the hole so big that when put together, all the pieces will rattle around.

3.) VERY IMPORTANT: Use the JB Weld to "glue" the UPSIDE DOWN LID of the large can to the top (ie: part that was cut) of the medium can on the INSIDE. Make sure it is centered. Reread this, then look at the images to make sure you understand it. The large can lid will need to be flipped so the "lip" faces "upwards" on the base, or it will not be useful as a lid. I found that a piece of tape or clamps were handy to hold the parts in place while applying the JB Weld.