Step 15: Making the Pot Rack

Picture of Making the Pot Rack
The Pot Rack will enable you to put much larger pots and pans on your stove, making it functional for much more than just heating coffee. Between this, a mess kit, and some spices, you'll be ready to fry up some fish right out there on your little John Boat! (Do keep a fire extinguisher handy. No reason to be stupid.)

The rack doubles as both the rack that your pots and pans will rest on, as well as the "lock" for when the container is closed. (Image 2)

This is made by simply bending a piece of hanger around the stove when the lid is put on (Image 1) and then using a loop at the bottom to attach it. It's very important that this be very snug, as it will stretch over time.


As seen in Image 3 I like to use a small hooked piece of hanger to handle the rack when its hot. I curve it to fit inside the Wind Guard, and put a hook on it to allow me to pick up the rack when it's been heated. It's a handy tool for dealing with anything hot.