Step 2: Required Materials

Picture of Required Materials
What you will need for this is the following:

  • Two (2) aluminum soda cans to make a very standard "Penny Stove"
  • Two (2) wire hangers (enamel finished, not the plastic covered ones)
  • One (1) Large Tin Can (Juice Cans work Well) - 4.25" (10.8 cm) diameter.
  • One (1) Medium Tin Can (Only very slightly smaller in diameter to the Large Can, I used the large sized refried beans can.) - 4" (10.16 cm) diameter
  • One (1) "Small" can. (Just large enough to fit around a soda can. For this, I used a diced tomato can.) 3" (7.62 cm) diameter.
  • One tube JB Weld (or any other liquid epoxy that can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees F (260 C). For those of you outside of the U.S. who still want to use JB Weld, here's where you can find it: They should pay me for this.

** Note: It is not important to get the exact size of the cans. All that matters is that the small can fits around the soda can. The medium can fits around the small can, and the big can fits around the medium can.
Brockley4 years ago
Is there any way to open the can without using a new opener? Would using a hand opener side ways make the can open in the desired way? I don't want to go out and buy a new opener just for this preoject. Is there anything else that you suggest?
can i use wine/nail polish remover?
will veneger work?
how to avoid burns?
can i use cotton for insulating?
Javin007 (author)  sreepradaramakrishna4 years ago
I think it would probably be best if you didn't play with fire.
I love this one. I've played around with other penny stoves, and I'm looking forward to putting this one together this weekend (Just need to empty that can of refried beans). The only thing I couldn't find around the house were the wire coat hangers. Crazy. I caved and decided I'd go down to the local box store and buy a few, you can always use wire hangers, right? All they've got are plastic ones now. Does anyone have any leads on where you might be able to get good old fashioned wire coat hangers? Or is there any household item that would work as well? My favorite instructibles are ones that make useful things out of stuff you've already got laying around - so if i have to buy special wire at a hobby store it kinda defeats the purpose.
Javin007 (author)  johnnypanic134 years ago
If you have any dry-cleaning to get done, now would be the time! :) Generally, dry cleaners return your shirts on the kinds of hangers you would need. If you don't need any dry cleaning done, you can try going to the cleaner and offering to buy two or three hangers. When I've done this in the past, they've been glad to just give them to me.
Do you have to use epoxy
Javin007 (author)  SasquatchKid5 years ago
No, any heat resistant method of getting the little dents to put the wire frame pins in, and attach the lid to the air gap can will work. I just found JB Weld the easiest and cheapest method. (I tend to keep a ton of the stuff handy.)
any can opener will work except the p38s an p50s you just turn the opener 1 quarter turn.
I really suggest just getting the new one that cut at the VERY TOP SIDE of the can and it i comes out easily i tried the hand ones and stuff and the it is pointless to try them cause then you have a possibility cutting your hand when placing stove in the wind gaurd and stuff.
guy906 years ago
Thanks for the upload- I can do with making my stoves stronger for when i'm out and about