Step 3: Optional Materials

Picture of Optional Materials
JB Stik Weld is also an epoxy, but in a thicker, putty format. I would strongly recommend using this as well, although for the patient individual, it *is* possible to use the liquid epoxy by waiting until it has hardened to almost a putty consistency. This will, however, give you a weaker bond with the putty than if you had used an actual epoxy putty. I would recommend keeping some of this putty handy anyway, as it has a million and one uses.

Again, any heat resistant (500 F or 250 C) epoxy putty will suffice.
ac-dc2 years ago
You can make the epoxy structure thicker and stronger if you use it similar to how fiberglass is laid. That is, wet the surface with the epoxy then wrap some saturated steel wool around it. While this isn't as pretty for certain applications, for mechanical ones it is superior. Of course you could also use asbestos or equivalent heat resistant cloth, but don't snort the stuff since it is theoretically a hazard to your lungs if asbestos.