Step 8: Making the Penny Stove (Cutting the Pieces)

Picture of Making the Penny Stove (Cutting the Pieces)
1.) Using the razor blade rig (Image 1), score both cans approximately 1.5" from the bottom. Note that the score line does not have to be particularly deep, as it's just a "guide" that allows the can to split where you want it to. A couple of passes is usually sufficient. See Image 2.

2.) Once scored, poke a very small hole in the line with razor. (Image 3)

3.) Using your thumbs, gently press on the top portion of the can to cause the "hole" to continue to "tear" along the score line. (Image 4)

4.) The scoring will cause the can to continue to "tear" along the score line, giving you a very clean cut. (Image 5) Remove the bottoms from both cans this way.
teaquack2 years ago
I don't get the rig, I'm finding it hard to make and even harder to use
hamsey1255 years ago
 sweet rig man its awesome
Coltrabagar5 years ago
Now this is just a nifty little rig.  I never would have thought of it. 
Ortzinator5 years ago
You should be very careful how you use the clamps on the square, you don't want to bend it.