Step 9: Making the Penny Stove (Prepping the Parts)

Picture of Making the Penny Stove (Prepping the Parts)
1.) Scoring the stove will cause the can to slightly bend "inward" where it was cut. While this is desirable for the top of the stove, you'll want to "stretch out" the opening of the bottom of the stove. Simply place a can inside of it, and "roll" it around a bit in a circular motion as shown in Image 1. Do not press hard or you will split the bottom. You do not need to stretch it much, just slowly work it around just enough to very, very slightly flair out the top.

That's all the prep necessary for the bottom of the stove.

2.) Using the hole punch, punch 8 evenly spaced holes approximately 1/4 of an inch (or 1 cm) down from the curve in the top of the stove. Then, using the scissors, cut a line from the bottom into each of these holes. (Image 2) The holes will keep the can from continuing to split along the line that you cut. The cut lines allow you to easily insert the top into the bottom.

3.) Using your wet/dry erase marker, put dots on the stove where the vent holes will belong. Be careful to space them evenly, and put them at the same height around the top (Image 3)

User Tips: Tetrafish - To evenly space the holes you could wrap a strip of paper around it, mark it's (circumference) length, then evenly divide them... 
                    jacksteal4 - ...just fold the paper into 16 or 8 parts [using the creases to get your even spacing]...

4.) You can use needles to punch holes by holding them in a clamp (Image 4). However, keep in mind that I've found that using a thumb tack to make the 8 holes works best with this stove.

5.) Using the Dremel, drill a 1/8" (3.25mm) hole in the center of the top piece. (Image 5)

That's all the prep for the pieces!
kilber172 years ago
This Thing Is Awesome!!!!!
evilkidjr6 years ago
what are the side holes for
Javin007 (author)  evilkidjr6 years ago
If you didn't cut the slits in the can, you wouldn't be able to get the top can into the bottom can. However, if you just have the slits, since aluminum cans tear so easily they would continue to tear all the way to the top of the stove. By punching the holes in the can, you will stop the tearing where the slits reach the holes allowing you to push the cans together with the shims.