Pocket Sized Electronic Eraser





Introduction: Pocket Sized Electronic Eraser

Have you ever gone to a Smiggle shop and saw the electronic erasers?
You unhappily go home thinking how much you want it and wonder how to get the money.
Well that dilemma is finally over! Make this cheap small pocket-sized electronic eraser and save up to $10!

This is a entry to the pocket sized competition.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
- a small electronic motor
- a push switch
- a 3 volt small battery (energizer cr2025)
- 3 wires (short)
- The case (I used a i-mini white out pen)
- masking tape
-and an eraser (obviously)

Step 2: The Case

To open the case, I used a small screwdriver to lever it open. Take out the gears and other things, and then you can use them in another project.
There will be a few poles coming out of one side and connectors on the other side. I used pliers to bend the plastic until it snapped off.
I then put the case back together and drilled a hole through the top of the case. Try to put the motor in first and see where to put the hole for the button.

Step 3: The Electronics

The electronics will make it so that when you press the switch, the engine spins.
This is done by soldering a wire to one of the pins of the switch, for the battery.
Another wire from the other pin to a pin on the motor.
And a wire from the other pin on the motor for the other side of the battery.
Use some masking tape to attach the battery to the two wires.
When you press the button, the motor should turn.

If not :
-are the wires attached properly?
-does the battery have charge?
-Does the motor work
-Does the button work
-are the wires broken?

Step 4: Putting It Together

Put everything in one half of the case like pictured below.
You should be able to just fit everything into it. Take the other half and put it over the top.
There will be a large gap between the two parts. Put masking tape around it to keep it together and tighten the screw on the button.

Step 5: The Eraser

So what's the use of a motor in a case?
I had a motor lying around (the inside) and used it to poke a small hole in the eraser.
I just pushed it onto the end of the motor and it stayed and worked.

Step 6: The End

You have now saved $10 and made an even smaller electronic eraser than the one at smiggle!

The End
hope you had fun!



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this is so weird i thought i invented that idea 5 years ago! right now im making a more advanced one its going to be called electro eraser ill post it soon and please vote!

What's smiggle?

Its a shop that sells stationary that is very popular (smelly rubbers, electronic erasers, lava lamp rulers/sharpeners and ball through maze staionary)
http://smiggle.com/ is the website

oh, thanks for telling me ive never seen one.

nice idea.... I think someone could do better. add a plastic case and less bulky

It isn't very bulky, about 5cm long and 4cm wide

I changed it to eraser for less confusion ;)


oh......an eraser......ahhhhh.....see "rubber" means something different in the states and the pic didn't make any sense with that definition.....an eraser.....k, got it.

Right there with ya.