Picture of Pocket Sized Electronic Eraser
Have you ever gone to a Smiggle shop and saw the electronic erasers?
You unhappily go home thinking how much you want it and wonder how to get the money.
Well that dilemma is finally over! Make this cheap small pocket-sized electronic eraser and save up to $10!

This is a entry to the pocket sized competition.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:
- a small electronic motor
- a push switch
- a 3 volt small battery (energizer cr2025)
- 3 wires (short)
- The case (I used a i-mini white out pen)
- masking tape
-and an eraser (obviously)
rubberman76 years ago
this is so weird i thought i invented that idea 5 years ago! right now im making a more advanced one its going to be called electro eraser ill post it soon and please vote!
theres electronic erasers thats just lazy now
danm956 years ago
What's smiggle?
smeagle (author)  danm956 years ago
Its a shop that sells stationary that is very popular (smelly rubbers, electronic erasers, lava lamp rulers/sharpeners and ball through maze staionary)
http://smiggle.com/ is the website
danm95 smeagle6 years ago
oh, thanks for telling me ive never seen one.
amakerguy6 years ago
nice idea.... I think someone could do better. add a plastic case and less bulky
smeagle (author)  amakerguy6 years ago
It isn't very bulky, about 5cm long and 4cm wide
smeagle (author) 6 years ago
I changed it to eraser for less confusion ;)
keng6 years ago
oh......an eraser......ahhhhh.....see "rubber" means something different in the states and the pic didn't make any sense with that definition.....an eraser.....k, got it.
Javin007 keng6 years ago
Right there with ya.
Padlock keng6 years ago
Haha.. That's exactly what I thought when I first saw it.
Suggestion to the author: maybe replace rubber with massager or some other synonym.
Pencil erasers do NOT make for good sex toys. especially when it's a high-speed rotating eraser. Eraser(or at least "Rubber(eraser for you yanks)") is definately the word we are looking for here.
zuixro keng6 years ago
Yeah, I was confused too...
I was thinking the same thing!
Gypsyman keng6 years ago
yeah i was so confused about this....
nope, I was thinking the same thing as you
Yeah. I think rubber is the word they use in Australia. Perhaps the UK too.
camiller6 years ago
I have not seen an electric eraser since the time when draftsmen actually drew plans on paper rather than cad systems. Wonder if it would be possible to flatten the tip of the drive shaft so it would grip the eraser better. Nicely done.
A small dollop of epoxy in the eraser(Let it squish out a bit) or Superglue, should hold the eraser head just fine. When you need to replace the head, a little sandpaper should remove any last remnants of the old eraser.
Berserk876 years ago
ive never seen and electric eraser :o bit curious how well it works.
Staedtler makes one. It is sitting right in front of me on my desk. It's great for drafting work.
just did a youtube search for em, work very good for small areas. where a normal eraser removes a lot and would take a fair amount of effort to get the small errors.