Pocket Sized (Everyday Necessities Kit)





Introduction: Pocket Sized (Everyday Necessities Kit)

This Instructable is for an everyday day necessities kit. I chose to make this because there are so many things to do during the day, so little time and usually we all forget something. This kit will change your day and make life a whole lot easier. Say you forgot to floss, or you forgot to bring lip balm for your dry lips, or you need a paperclip to officialize those documents, etc. It is a handy, cheap, inexpensive device that will change how you use your time during the day.

Step 1: Collect Materials

Materials "Needed" for the completion of this project.:

 -Altoids tin or other small metal tin about the same size *pictured*

 -Lip Balm *pictured*

 -Toothpicks *pictured*

 -Paperclip(s) *pictured*

 -A few dollars *pictured*
 -small packet of disenfectant wipes *pictured*

 -nail clippers *pictured*

-dental floss *pictured*

 -colgate wisp *NOT pictured*

-small preferably metal hand pencil sharpener *pictured*

Step 2: Assemble Your Kit

Assemble the items the way you want them.

Step 3: YOU ARE DONE!!!!




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    ooooooooooo ad honey and some water , honnnnneeeeyyyyy

    The fatal flaw with this... dollar bills openly touching a toothpick that may at some point go into your mouth.

    Welcome world of germs to my system!

    2 replies

    Easily fixed by putting the toothpicks and floss in a small plastic bag or wrapping them with a small piece of plastic wrap.

    Or even better, wrap the DOLLARS in a little plastic bag! :P

    Thanks for the tips guys you've been a big help. I will try to remember for next time. :)