In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make a mini explorer kit from a few easy to find items.

Note: This 'ible does involve fire so don't be stupid and burn yourself.

Also note: THIS IS NOT A SURVIVAL KIT!!! ( there are too many of those on this site) XD

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Step 1: What You Will Need

Gather these materials and bring them to a desk or other similar working space.

q-tips x3
ziploc snack baggie x1
altoids gum tin x1 (any tin similar will do)
disposable lighter x1 (matches will suffice but a lighter is better)
miniature compass x1 ( I got this one from the handle of a broken survival knife)
really small pencil x1 (about 1"-2" in length)
petroleum jelly
small piece of paper x1
and a spoon (not pictured)
<p>I think there should be one comment posted here every three years. Nice kit.</p>
the lighter takes up too much space. <br> <br>so where can you explore with this kit?
Meh not bad, but there's too many so called survival kits. I've entered my black powder rifle which will be up soon... but if I don't see any mega-epic survival kits I'll do a proper one...

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Bio: I like hot sauce, shooting things, and camping. That pretty much sums it up.....
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