Pocket Sized Golf Course





Introduction: Pocket Sized Golf Course

I made this after I saw another instructable by "trashermanTotalDIY", so I cannot take the credit. I saw that in his "miniature boredom kit" he had a small, one hole golf course. I decided to make my own. For the hole, i cut a piece off of a marker cap, and for the "grass" i used some old packaging foam (recycled from my old "3 foot metal blowgun".) I made a flag using a toothpick and some paper, and  I use bb pellets as golf balls. I have not made a golf club yet, so I just use my finger. The whole course is contained in an Altoids tin, and I plan to make another one hole course on the inside of the lid. Like I said, this is not my idea, just my version of an already made one. Have fun!



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    How exactly would i do that? I went back to edit, then publish, but the foam challenge isn't on the list of others.

    read how to enter on the Challenge page, it won't show up under contests.

    and where would that be? im relatively new to instructables (as a member)