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I made this after I saw another instructable by "trashermanTotalDIY", so I cannot take the credit. I saw that in his "miniature boredom kit" he had a small, one hole golf course. I decided to make my own. For the hole, i cut a piece off of a marker cap, and for the "grass" i used some old packaging foam (recycled from my old "3 foot metal blowgun".) I made a flag using a toothpick and some paper, and  I use bb pellets as golf balls. I have not made a golf club yet, so I just use my finger. The whole course is contained in an Altoids tin, and I plan to make another one hole course on the inside of the lid. Like I said, this is not my idea, just my version of an already made one. Have fun!


mikeasaurus (author)2011-12-13

You should enter this into the foam challenge!

freeza36 (author)mikeasaurus2011-12-13

How exactly would i do that? I went back to edit, then publish, but the foam challenge isn't on the list of others.

mikeasaurus (author)freeza362011-12-13

read how to enter on the Challenge page, it won't show up under contests.

freeza36 (author)mikeasaurus2011-12-13

and where would that be? im relatively new to instructables (as a member)

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