It might be an Alligator, not a Crocodile.... you can decide what yours will be. ;-)

Need a bottle opener, that's also stylish, and fits in your pocket along with your keys, make this!

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Step 1: Tools & Material

What you'll need:

Hacksaw (metal saw)
Drill +drill bit
(Optional) Etching tool


Some metal, I used some scrap steel 4-5mm thick

Step 2: Get Your Pattern...

This was what I used as a template. If you want to use it, just click the "i" in the top left corner, and download the largest version.

btw, the original idea was to make a Gecko key fob... it didn't turn out quite how I expected, so I did this instead. ;-)

-Print it out, (or trace it :-) ) then cut it out.
-Cut your metal into a rough size.
-Trace the pattern onto your metal. (I etched it)

Step 3: Hack It!

Now cut along your tracing with the hacksaw, I also used a bench grinder for a few parts.

Patience is useful. :-)

Step 4: Smooth the Edges

After you've cut all the excess metal off, it'll probably pretty rough, get a metal file (I was using a bigger small file, and a small file) Keep going all around until it's smooth.

-If you want you can also add some "teeth" =)

Step 5: I Want to See!

To add some character to it, drill a hole, obviously near the head. ;-)

-then another hole (I made it a little bigger) at the other end for a key ring &c.;

Put it on your keyring, or attach some cord to it, hang it up somewhere, Enjoy!
where is the "i" in the top left corner? i cant find it
also i was suprised to see you that this isnt featured or some thing, those things are sweet.&nbsp; cant wait to make a few my self <br />
oh wait, IT&nbsp;IS!<br />
I loved to see that, i trace off of my laptop just like that.<br />
i made a shark one lokks very go but i have a problem to make it shiny<br />
great idea. i will make a fort worth longhorn.
very nice, i would probably want to grind away some of the rust, though (tetnus is a *****(never had it tho)) +1
oh man, I could only imagine what tetnus could be like, the imunization shot is trippy enough.
I don't exactly remember my immunization, but i think I'm due for one soon. god, i can't even imagine lockjaw.... in the olden days people starved to death cuz they couldn't open their mouth...
Rust doesn't cause Tetanus, a bacterial infection (Clostridium tetani) does. Spores of the bacteria live in the dirt, especially in manure.
Yeah, I'm doing that. :-) (just have to update pics)
k, cool.
DR OCTAGONAPUS BLAAAAAH!!! LoL very nice instructable.
Nice! I might make a robot one if I can find some metal....
Nice job! I think you should do an Instructables Robot one. That would be <em>so</em> cool.<br/>
I thought about that... he'd have to be minus ear aerials though! =D<br/>
Oh God! It's a bottleopenerasauraus!! Lol, very nice instructable.

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