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Here in Pakistan we suffer from frequent power outages that last hours. Since I'm a university student, I needed a portable source of light but I found that candles weren't bright enough. I came up with a simple mini lantern that takes less than 5 minutes to make but lasts for hours. I hope you guys enjoy it, and if you do, don't forget to rate it & vote for it in the Pocket Sized Contest.

Step 1: Things you'll need:

Picture of Things you'll need:
1. Jar: Here I used a small jar of jam from some airline. The only real requirement is that the jar have a metal lid. Ideally use only those jars with no paint on the lid if you want to avoid unpleasant fumes.

2. Wick: I happened to have a wick from an old lantern that was lying around, but you could just as easily use a shoelace (plastic ends cut off) or any rolled up piece of cloth. *TIP* You'll want to use 100% cotton shoelaces, not synthetic. Synthetic will melt instead of burn and could lead to serious injuries. Thanks to user "Sedition"

3. Knife: I used my Leatherman c305 to cut a hole in the lid of the jar.

4. Lamp Oil: This will be used as fuel in the mini lantern. You can use other fuels such as Kerosene but they produce a lot of soot that will quickly build up.

5. Matches: To light the lamp when finished.


I like this instructable, I will file it away for future use.oh and good job.

thehbird1 year ago
Good idea
Mike1906711 year ago
Sorry pressed wrong bit now can not get off . Think this is great
i bet a baby food jar would work well
tonyscott2 years ago
nice and tiny. tony
pmarks13 years ago
Making camp coffe on my wood gasifier slash wood stove inside my bathroom! http://purnellmarks.eu.pn/Gasifier.htm
Blaaken3 years ago
i tried making this with a piece of a sock and some vegetable oil, it diidn't burn at all, any advice?
Laneyh Blaaken3 years ago
I don't think most vegetable oils burn well in a lamp. They're often too heavy for a wick.
Petar923 years ago
Just great!! :)
ismith83 years ago
Dryer lint can be used for the wick. Roll it tightly between your palms.
Set up similar last night, when the power went out. Had to come up with a light source to calm the natives (8 girls having a sleep-over). Worked like a charm, after throwing in a few ghost stories.
Enough light to get around. used canning jars for mine.
kampingking4 years ago
I used 2 soda can bottoms soldered togher and it works great!
the.rollie4 years ago
take the bottom off a soda can cut it to fit just around the top of the jar and use silicon to glue the bowl shaped part on the top of the jar, then insert wick and add another hole for refuleing. use original jar lid as, well, the lid
pemas354 years ago
really liked it reminded me of when I lived in the countryside, did it with diesel
ultracanery6 years ago
how do you light it
um a match or lighter what kind of question is that?
i beleive a match might work
lol thats kinda obvious
cv12844 years ago
Thank you for this.
I made on last night, think it will go well on the table after a BBQ and it starts getting dark - a nice atmosphere.
I used a thin utility knife the a screw driver to open the gap, then a clamp it back together to hold the wick.

It looks really awesome!

Thanks again. :o)
NecroVoid4 years ago
maybe there would be a way to make a "valve" to shut the hole with the wick in it by using another jampot lid section, especially if you offset the hole from the center?
You could use some cork? But it would have to be pretty small, which you can sometimes find by the bag in craft stores.
Earths_hope4 years ago
Holy crap its pretty!
kube604 years ago
There used to be a show when I was a kid called Mr. Wizard's world. In one episode, he poured some veg oil into a dish, tied a piece of string to a nut to weight it and lit the string. Instant candle. Veg oil most certainly will work. You can even run a car on it.
mattbomb4 years ago
hey do you no any were else you could get small jars like that
pleabargain6 years ago
Woh. Be caeful. Put the lid down and tap the blade into the top. No lamp is worth a bloody hand.
Ahhh relax guys its not that dangerous chill a little and grow a spine Billy "eight fingers" 1965
delusional6 years ago
What are the Physics principles applied here?

Determine what is to measured,
Organize the entities of interest,
Find  them,
What do we/they need, or provide,
Get the stuff moving,
Know what stuff is important.

Now, think backwards!

If you light something flammable, you get flames (heat and light).

akinich5 years ago
or surgical spirit?
Faquad5 years ago
Cool idea.  Could also be used for citronella, or the like to keep bugs away when camping.   Question, however... how would you extinguish the flame if you needed to?  With an actual lantern, you just turn down the wick and the flame goes out, this... well....?
You could use a lid to extinguish the flame.
capaky5 years ago
A hammer and nail would work...
JCoffey6 years ago
This is a GREAT instructable. This would be great for camping too I would think. The only problem is an open flame but I wonder how hard it would be to find some sort of glass to use as a globe
If you have a small bottle that is similar size as your jar you can drop a large nail in it then shake the bottle it will pop the bottom off around the seam. Then with a glass grinding bit you can grind off the burrs and make some air holes, this will allow oxygen to get in and the neck of the bottle will be like a chimney allowing the hot air to escape. Then attach it to the cap of the jar with epoxy or some other adhesive.
pretty sweet idea
You could always use a tin can with decorative holes punched in it.
tcup JCoffey6 years ago
I thnk some sort of globe can be found online or in some craft stores. You won't find one for an exact fit but there are larger ones that are use for full sized oil lanterns. Maybe set the jar inside a Mason jar, could fill the Mason jar with sand fo stability. Perhaps some creative person, on this site will think up something clever. This is a group of creative people.
JCoffey tcup6 years ago
Actually the Mason jar full of Sand is a PERFECT idea. Stability, windproof, and good amounts of light. Im going to have to try this out soon!
smh (author)  JCoffey6 years ago
Glad you all liked it! The mason jar sounds like a good idea. Although in a pinch I tied some heavy gauge wire around the rim to make a sort of impromptu candle holder.
You could take an ordinary jelly jar and glue the pocket sized lantern to the underside of the lid. drill some holes in the jar, then when you light it, put the lid on the jar, and turn it upside down.
Gracer6 years ago
fire needs oxygen.
Oh my word! We need to alert the presses immediately of this astoundingly astute observation! Clearly the guy that works in a lab has no clue about these things.

Right...  Hang on while I get this wooden shoe off my foot.

 where do you get the lamp oil? can you use some thing else???
You can try vegetable oil. It's cheap, easy to find, does no harm to the enviroment and doesn't have any nasty smell when burning.
arc200520005 years ago
I made one of these using a small pimento jar and used fiberglass for the wick. Burns veggy oil quite well.
 Great 'Ible!  I've seen similar lamps for sale in the Lehman's Catalog, so I'm glad to know they're easy enough to make at home!
marlton20105 years ago
Vegetable Oil not work for fire, but lamp oil, it work!!
Vegetable oil certainly will work. I have made similar lamps and have tested them with both canola and olive oils. Canola is just a modified low acid version of rapeseed oil, which has been used for lamp oil for centuries. Olive oil was extensively used as a lamp oil in Mediterranean countries where olives are plentiful. I have heard that "vegetable oil" will leave a residue and not burn as cleanly as canola or olive oil, but will still work. Dissolving some salt into the oil or a dried brine solution on the cotton wick helps the lamp to burn brighter when using canola and olive oils.
Great idea,  I wanted something like this for my greenhouse, and meditation.

How do I vote for you?
chuckr445 years ago
Great idea. In the US, these tiny jelly jars are more common in gift baskets around Christmas time. But some makeup or lip balm jars might also work.

Really cool idea. I'm thinking I need to do this the next time I go camping... I'm thinking I might modify the design for this by adding a floating wick holder cut from the side an aluminum can or something like that, that will sit just under the cap, which I won't poke a hole in, to make this more immediately portable...(so the wick can stay in with the lid on) But if I was stuck without electricity, I can see where you wouldn't really need that. Really nice Instructable, ingenious idea. Thanks!

If you cut around a jar lid so that you can squeeze it into the jar but so that it won't come out if you pull on it then while its in the jar squeeze on some glue and pull it tight to the inside rim(where the jar narrows down to the threads) and wait for the glue to set to where tohe preasure isnt needed. Then isert your wick and drill a small hole in the inner lid for refuleing (you should make a plug for it) then cap it with the original lid for that jar. Now you can just cap and uncap it when you need it.

Do not use vegtable type oil, many aminals of the 4 legged type also like the smell and come looking
If you don't want to worry about cutting yourself with the knife, use a flat-bladed screwdriver and a hammer. Just don't make the hole too big like I did (though if you do you can use the screwdriver to push the broken edges on the inside of the lid back closed a bit).
MrRodrigez5 years ago
 lol this is dangerous?? i've done dumber stuff without injury...narrowly :D
sa-adib5 years ago
Thanks, it a lot good idea.
hackysacker5 years ago
I made a different version of a mini oil lamp and it works great good idea
tonic46 years ago
Finally a use for all those left over baby food jars.
i love pocket sized things and i love fire, this is the greatest invention of all time and i just made one! thanks for the idea!
Bandit5356 years ago
Can I use olive oil?
yep i did it burned for 8 hours i used a old t shirt for the wick
A small strip cut from an old cotton Tshirt might work well, too...yank on the ends and it will curl... To emulate the ease of threading like a shoelace, as Direcleit mentioned, you could wrap a bit of scotch tape tightly around the end and then peel or cut it off after it's through...
mayo2916 years ago
i made one similar to this i need a windscreen and also is it ok to let the wick burn down to the lid or will it explode and it smokes way too much what am i doing wrong can u please tell me the exact length of your wick that is above the lid
mayo291 mayo2916 years ago
and what oil did u use how did u get the flame so high
Instantly bookmarked, when you live in Manitoba, you always have to be ready for your power line to break from having 2 feet of snow on it, btw how long can you keep before using it?, Thanks!
tcup6 years ago
That's terrific! What a great way to recycle.
For maximum recycle prowess, filter used cooking oil as the fuel (once through a paper towel would be more then sufficient). The result will be smoky and have more of a scent, but is effectively free and is certainly recycling.
smh (author)  Catskinner016 years ago
Actually, there's an entirely different kind of lantern we have here that is fueled by mustard oil, I might just make an Instructable for that...
tcup smh6 years ago
mustard oil--what is that? I've never heard of it.
smh (author)  tcup6 years ago
It's oil from mustard seeds. It's really common in this part of the world, I'm sure you could find it at a local Indo/Pakistani store.
shannnn smh6 years ago
Mmmmmm, mustard oil! You can find it on Devon Street in Chicago,and it smells & tastes delicious. Opens up one's sinuses, too.
tcup smh6 years ago
lol, there's no such store here. Our biggest metropolitan city is Altoona (in Pa) and it's less than a third the size of Pittsburgh. Mustard oil cannot be found around here.
jastrof smh6 years ago
It's the cheapest and most common cooking oil in India.
xAxrules6 years ago
That's so simple.. yet so brilliant!
smh (author)  xAxrules6 years ago
Thanks a lot
goldjacob6 years ago
thats great for a survival kit im going to make one today thanks for the great idea
smh (author)  goldjacob6 years ago
I'm glad you liked it =)
kdelwat6 years ago
will it leak in your pocket? great idea
Try hot glue around it maybe? It still a possibilty. Freezer bag/plastic bag wont hurt.
Glue would melt
heat resistant glue wouldnt!!!!
thats the entire point of heat-resistant glue
Xenel6 years ago
I was just thinking... if this is supposed to go in your pocket wouldn't the fuel spill out?
smh (author)  Xenel6 years ago
I keep a spare cap and when I need to throw it in my pocket I just replace the wick cap with the in tact cap.
sharlston smh6 years ago
how did you make the cap?
Xenel smh6 years ago
That makes sense.
Javin007 smh6 years ago
What do you do with the oil-wetted wick cap?
smh (author)  Javin0076 years ago
Burn the rest of the fuel off of the wick and throw it in my pocket =)
saltines6 years ago
I used your design but made one with cotton balls. Kinda like a giant zippo lighter..its work pretty well and does not leak.
sharlston6 years ago
will vegetable oil work?
sighn-up6 years ago
i lost a finger doing that!
as if
will rubbing achohol work ?
smh (author)  zipzapper8596 years ago
I think rubbing alcohol would burn way too fast.
RaNDoMLeiGH smh6 years ago
I think it would burn way too HOT for this type of jar.
RaNDoMLeiGH6 years ago
hmmmmmmmm you could make a wick holder insert from a bit of heavy aluminum foil or thin metal cut into a strip. Or even a metal pop or beer bottle cap. Just a strip with maybe a slit cut partway across it (perpendicular, KISS) to hold the wick. That way you can just place it across the top while it burns, and either drop it back into the oil to extinguish or put it out (smother) with the lid. That way your wick stays primed and you don't have to mess up the lid. Also, you could add a SMALL amount of fragrance oil to the stuff in the jar, to make it smell nice. I would prefer to use lamp oil rather than veggie, but in an emergency I'd go for whatever was around. And if it was after a storm, I'd put in a few drops of citronella oil to make bugs go away. Cool idea!
thartaros6 years ago
all i have is coconut oil, will that work?
mweston6 years ago
Good, simple design. To make it more "pocketable" I would put a lid on it to cover the wick so there are no leaks. This could be accomplished by putting a few small magnets under the lid and a few in a little plastic cup or even another lid then just letting them snap together when its being stored.
roybelkin6 years ago
Very cool instructable, very inventive. Can use this on farm when generator runs out.
smh (author)  roybelkin6 years ago
Glad you enjoyed it =)
sk8r4life6 years ago
dude this is tight man it makes a good emergency lantern to or for camping or what eer just dnt puncture the lid and thread the wick until you needed to light it
smh (author)  sk8r4life6 years ago
Thanks, glad you liked it man.
Stormrage6 years ago
hmm i think i can use cooking oil? dont have any other except synthetic motor oil and cooking oil... can i use some of em? btw rly cool stuff
smh (author)  Stormrage6 years ago
Sure, canola oil works well. I wouldn't use motor oil though =)
Direcleit6 years ago
If you use a shoelace, why not leave the plastic end on it to thread through the hole and cut it off afterwards?
Bran Direcleit6 years ago
All of the shoelaces I have are synthetic; the fumes they give off when they burn are carcinogenic.
Direcleit6 years ago
I suggest (carefully) using a drill to make the hole and taking a slightly larger drill-bit to manually ream-off the burr afterwards? Just be careful!
wehrlzz776 years ago
what els could be an alternative
Gracer6 years ago
that's directed at the idea of putting a mason jar over the lamp, maybe i just misunderstood, i don't even know why i'm commenting on that. just to be stuffy, perhaps. cute little lamp.
You put it in the bottom of the mason jar and leave the top open. Or you drill air holes in it and put the top on. :)
blacklion6 years ago
What is the best way to put one of these out. I know it sounds like a simple question, but I made one of these and the wick keeps smoldering. When I go to just pinch the flame out, most of the wick is so burnt that the remainder keeps falling down into the jar. How can I keep the wick from burning so low that it can fall back into the jar?
smh (author)  blacklion6 years ago
What did you use for a wick and for fuel? I don't seem to have that problem with any of the lanterns I've made.
blacklion smh6 years ago
I'm using regular canola oil (new not used) and for a wick I took some twine(?) - the string you use to tie up a whole chicken or turkey before you cook it. I braided three sections of twine and then I braided those 3 sections together. I wanted a nice fat wick. Would the size of the wick hole make a difference? I'm wondering if having too much space on one side of the wick is allowing it to burn lower than it does with your lanterns. What do you think?
smh (author)  blacklion6 years ago
All I can suggest is to try using a different material for your wick. The fuel is fine, I've used canola oil before.
will rubbing achohol work as fuel? that is all i have and don't want to get anything else
The rubbing alcohol you get at the pharmacy or grocery store is too dilute (with water) to burn properly. There is no good way to remove the water since isopropanol is totally miscible with water. We tried to use it in lab once when our usual fuel (ethanol denatured with methanol) was on back order. Totally doesn't work.
Gearz6 years ago
the one figures in front of his blace abd using knife to cut metal
Gearz6 years ago
wow this picture makes the old Scout Master in me cringe,
Which picture?
Javin0076 years ago
I wonder what you could use as a home-made lamp chimney? What happens if you just set it inside a larger jar?
sctirvn6876 years ago
Thank you! Here is my version, based on yours, using canola oil.
smh (author)  sctirvn6876 years ago
Good to see one finally! Glad it worked out for you.
emdarcher6 years ago
could you do this with an altoids tin?
is there something you can't make out of an altoids tin?
I hate your avatar.
You'll get used to it.
We think the same about each other.
LOL. In the library, even.
smh (author)  emdarcher6 years ago
I wouldn't recommend it. The whole thing might get too hot.
vanpaun6 years ago
Alternatively, Mini-Moltov cocktail.
poparoo46 years ago
Will It work with lighter fuel? Or is that like more flamablle
Yes, it's much more flammable and volatile at room temperatures and in some cases will burn without a wick, depending on the variety. (I wouldn't try this if I were you -- I did once and it split my best glass ashtray. I now use old metal saucepans for fire experiments instead.) It more than likely will have a shorted burn time as it is much more readily burned, it may also smoke a little if used with too large/long a wick.
smh (author)  poparoo46 years ago
I think Zippo fuel would work alright, but don't take my word for it.
ghicken6 years ago
Nice I'll use this to light fireworks on the 4th of July.
smh (author)  ghicken6 years ago
Hope it comes in handy for you.
Hope you have hands to use afterward.
Hopefully, but as you can see I've already lost my head so there's not much left to lose.
notso6 years ago
very nice. I like this one a lot. Might use it for backpacking or somethin'.
smh (author)  notso6 years ago
Thanks a lot =)
Echo what pleabargain just said! Never put a hand in front of a blade. This could easily be done by holding it flat on a piece of scrap wood...
I just made one of these, but i made a wind shield, Instructable soon to come.
smh (author)  Yerboogieman6 years ago
Looking forward to it =)
richmc426 years ago
I like the elegant, efficient design. BTW isingships , if you friend was burning alcohol in it then he would have got heat, but no useful light to speak of.
smh (author)  richmc426 years ago
Glad you liked it =)
shahmirazin6 years ago
I think it is kinda cute lamp..
But please be careful guys...
You're playing with fire!!
One mistake and your house will be "........................."
Good job smh... Good luck 4 da contest!
smh (author)  shahmirazin6 years ago
Thanks a lot Shah =)
trf6 years ago
Ok i see alot of people asking about rubbing alchohol. Yes, it SHOULD work. I have used rubbing alchohol to make small stoves before.Make sure to get highest alchohol content. HEET deicer is also 99% methanol so that should work too!
adrockc26 years ago
Great idea! Does this smoke? I made something similar out of a mason jar but can't use it indoors because it really produces alot of smoke.
smh (author)  adrockc26 years ago
It depends on the kind of fuel you use and how long your wick is. The shorter your wick, the less smoke is produced.
poparoo46 years ago
The ideal jars are ones that you get in hotels and places like that
Great idea but doesn't it leak in your pocket?
If leaks bother you, modify the concept: put lard, vegetable shortening, or soft wax in the jar, with the wick shoved in, and just screw the lid on with no hole. To use, take the lid off, pry the wick up, and set it on fire. Pocket-sized grease lantern.
Or pocket-sized candle. It could be stored inside a slightly larger glass or plastic jar to prevent getting kerosene or candle wax on your papers and books.
smh (author)  Goedjn6 years ago
Good idea about the solid fuel! It would do a nice job of controlling leaks.
i dont think thats the point, but i bet it would. if this is in the pocketsized comp im voting for it. you could probably wrap it with something to prevent leakage, or possibly just preassemble it and tape the wick to the side or something. it wouldnt leak then, and you just put it together on the spot, with the oil already in the jar. to the author, great job :)
smh (author)  A.C.E.6 years ago
Hey ACE I really appreciate the comment. That's the idea, to assemble it when you need it. I usually keep it capped with a regular jar lid when I'm not using it and then attach the wick lid when I need light.
Easy solution: use a second lid of the same type for transport. Keep your punctured lid for burning. You aren't going to want to put a used wick in your pocket anyway, it will be a filthy mess. This reminds me of the ancient Pict oil lamp: kill a sea bird, stick a wick down its throat/into the torso, and light it. The body fat keeps the wick burning. Finally, a word of caution (probably one of many here): this design could cause some types of fuel to vaporize inside the container and ignite. Boom.
I think i'd have an extra lid to keep with it. Then when you put it out, just put the 'non-holed" lid over the burning wick. When its out, swap lids.
smh (author)  oldanvilyoungsmith6 years ago
Not yet, fingers crossed.
dagenius smh6 years ago
maybe, to keep it from leeking, if it does, then you could wrap that PTFE tape around the threads on the jar to seal it.
Crossed my mind while reading....use a slightly larger jar as a container for the lamp: attach the lamp to the inside of the other jar's lid, then seal the big jar. If it leaks, it'll get caught by the containing jar.
tankguy6 years ago
Nice instructable, you've got my vote! or do you..?
smh (author)  tankguy6 years ago
....I do? ;)
smh (author)  smh6 years ago
By the way, I rally loved your Bottle Cap Crossbow! I just made two, one for me and one for my little brother and they're awesome! I hope you do well in the contest.
dr.tulip16 years ago
where did you got that idea I guess it pretty old
smh (author)  dr.tulip16 years ago
I thought it up about a year ago when I needed some light in my room to study.
dr.tulip1 smh6 years ago
why don't have any windows in your room or tubes
smh (author)  dr.tulip16 years ago
Windows don't tend to work too well at night, and if you'd read the instructable I said I needed these for when the power goes out.
dr.tulip1 smh6 years ago
but don't you have generators or inverter
smh (author)  dr.tulip16 years ago
We have a UPS but it was not hooked up to my studying room.
quesoman6 years ago
this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
smh (author)  quesoman6 years ago
Thanks you!!!!!!!!!!!!
piper12346 years ago
mm I'd have like to see it this weekend, we spent 2 days without energy :S many thanks
smh (author)  piper12346 years ago
You're welcome =)
thepelton6 years ago
I recall that Pimentos are normally sold in a very small jar (5cm by 5 cm) that normally has a metal lid. Most of the time when I encounter very small jars of jam, they're in a gift box.
I found that mustard and some other condiments can be found in jars that are 100-200 mL. Those would work, but they would probably smell like mustard.
smh (author)  thepelton6 years ago
I'm sure the kerosene would cover up any mustard smell that was left.
Absolutely brilliant! The simple ideas are usually the best, and you've certainly proven that here. 5-Stars from me. I have a few oil lamps for camping, including two "Roman style" that I really like, but having some small, easily portable lamps would be nice. And I really want to complement you on your English! It's better than that of many of my fellow Americans! {I hope you take that as the compliment it's meant to be. ;) } I'm always glad to see Instructables from around the world. Thanks for contributing.
smh (author)  shamanwhitewolf6 years ago
Thanks for the compliment! I've actually lived in the U.S. for quite some time. I appreciate both the comment and the rating =)
BEAST146 years ago
I would use a hammer and a "tap" or "punch". Or a nail would do. The last time I did something like this and used a knife, my wick ended up snagging and tearing on the way through the hole.
smh (author)  BEAST146 years ago
My wick was flat shaped so a nail wouldn't have worked, but for a shoelace the nail would work nicely, assuming it was thick enough.
if you live in Florida (like I do) you'd find the infamous citrus jelly gift baskets, that include about 1/2 dozen 2oz jars of really bad jelly. They're smaller than baby food jars and the shape of the jar makes them interesting reusable pieces. I used mine as spice jars in the pantry, but next time those little jars get in my way I'll know what to do. They're perfect for carrying citronella oil to outdoor concerts.
smh (author)  koyaniskatzy6 years ago
The ones I have were actually from airplane flights. Glad you liked my project =)
dukefvr416 years ago
i just made one...this thing is totally awesome!!!!!! im going to use it when i go camping
smh (author)  dukefvr416 years ago
Glad you liked it =)
Calorie6 years ago
I hope that you and your family is safe from the maelstrom. Nice to see an *ble from the other side of the planet.
smh (author)  Calorie6 years ago
I appreciate that, thanks.
Musicman416 years ago
Can you make a wick. If not, where do you buy one.
smh (author)  Musicman416 years ago
Any cotton shoelace would work fine, but I've also used rolled up cotton from old clothes as a wick before.
Shoelace from any shoestore will work fine! Cotton not synthetic!
smh (author) 6 years ago
I'm really amazed by all the positive feedback I've gotten for this Instructable! I'm really glad so many people liked it and I honestly appreciate every single comment. I just want to ask that people don't forget to give it a rating (good or bad). And if you like it, please give it a vote on July 20th. Thanks!
majeral6 years ago
This is the best "make do , reuse, recycle" in a long time that is easy , cheap to make. I love it going to make some for when we lose power here in Texas. They would make good gifts also , put in car ( not filled put oil in airtight container) I think it would last longer than the "mint tins" great going were do I vote?
smh (author)  majeral6 years ago
Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. Voting starts on July 20th I think so don't forget to come back!
jastrof6 years ago
Very clever, I really like it. Simple, fast, and useful.
smh (author)  jastrof6 years ago
Glad you like it =)
eggyguy6 years ago
cool!wat was that about veggie oil?? i didnt think it was flamable???
smh (author)  eggyguy6 years ago
It is flammable actually. It burns slower and dirtier than lamp oil, but it works. We make special clay lanterns for the veggie oil though, I don't know how well it would work in this sort of lantern.
greybunny6 years ago
Sweet fire! (I love fire.. too much.) But you shouldn't blow it out, you should snuff it out. I generally snuff candles out with anything metal I find lying around, but you need some kind of metal something to snuff it out with. Blowing it out can cause sparks and stuff to fly and bad things and tears and I hate funerals. If you have like a metal ladle I think that would work really well. Also don't be so worried about putting it on wood, just not around paper or anything.
would they blow up if you throw them?
It shouldn't if you're using lamp oil (paraffin oil in the US, kerosene in Britain, I think) like he instructed. If you used alcohol or white gas (naptha fuel, camping fuel, the green stuff) it might. Lamp oil just isn't volatile enough.
Kerosene in the US, paraffin oil in the UK. If you trim/shorten your wick it won't smoke so much. A taller flame tends to smoke a lot.
smh (author)  ruggrat6 years ago
I still don't recommend throwing them though =)
red-king smh6 years ago
the flames would still spread everywhere the oil went probably...
Of course! A molotov cocktail.
wakojako6 years ago
**thumbs up**
isingships6 years ago
A metal smithing student that I went to college with burned his hand pretty badly with a lamp that was made in the same way as these. The best we can figure is that a spark or part of the burning wick got under the lid of the lamp and lit the fumes from the alcohol in the jar, warming the under-tempered glass to the point where it exploded glass and alcohol all over the table and his hand. He got 2nd degree burns all over his hand- it looked pretty painful.
Your friend should have had more sense than to be using alcohol.
smh (author)  isingships6 years ago
I've had no problems with burning so far. The glass stays pretty much room temperature. Naturally the metal lid get pretty warm, but that's to be expected.
vanrenegade6 years ago
these would be perfect for the cottage in ontario! fill them with a lemon scented oil and avoid the $25 tiki torches thanks!
ShaJen6 years ago
Fantastic! Love it! Thanks for sharing.
Darmani6 years ago
I think it would be cheaper and longer lasting a battery and a led, well i would do that but your idea is nice too. thanks for sharing.
tankguy6 years ago
The only problem I see with this is the neighbors calling the police and fire department because they think your trying to light the block on fire. Like a certain event that took place in my child hood... moral of the story: don't have any kind of a fire outside unless you want the police to come knocking on your door when your trying to enjoy your tacos.
Haha good luck! You'll need a little more than a jar of kerosene for that.
sedition6 years ago
Nice instructable! Definitely going to make a few of these this weekend. A word of caution though: make sure your wick is NOT a polymer like nylon before attempting this (here in the States we tend to have synthentic shoelaces). Any wick made of cotton and the like should be good and not result in a molten puddle.
Ah, good comment! I probably wouldn't have considered that.
Anything to prevent others from getting the same scars that I have ;)
I remember when my dad gave me my first Zippo lighter. He said, don't put it in your pocket after you fill it. Sadly, that wasn't enough information to prevent me from doing it anyway. Hey, I thought, it's clean! No drips! Fast forward to a few miles down the road and Scooch pulling her car off the side of the road whipping her pants off, pouring bottled water down her leg. . . Youch!
Lmao. Lost my favorite pair of Jnco's almost the same way!
smh (author)  sedition6 years ago
Good idea, I'll add that =)
osgeld6 years ago
Very good, simple, easy, and quite useful could have used one of these last night when a nasty storm came in and knocked our power out
smh (author)  osgeld6 years ago
Well good thing it only takes 5 minutes to make, next time you'll be prepared =)
thepelton6 years ago
I would probably cover the lamp with another inverted small jar to snuff it out. Done fast enough, it probably wouldn't even get warm.
smh (author)  thepelton6 years ago
I prefer to just blow it out. I wouldn't risk the small jar falling of and breaking.
craig36 years ago
how do you put it out? Maybe you can ad a little contraption or lid thing to starve the flame enough till it dies
smh (author)  craig36 years ago
It's easy enough to just blow it out. I didn't want to add on too many components, I like the simplicity of it.
lieuwe craig36 years ago
blow? these things are harder to put out than a candle but easier than 14 candles on a cake, you could also make your fingers wet and then just pinching the lantern out...
Great work! I will make some for my dad. Thanks!
smh (author)  I_am_Canadian6 years ago
Hope your dad likes them =)
just be careful, dont cause your house to set fire. I did, with a faulty homemade electrical device. Guess what? You dont want to go through that.
smh (author)  MechEngineerMike6 years ago
I don't think this is any more dangerous than a candle.
robotguy46 years ago
Note to future Darwin Award winners:
Do not ignite when in pocket.

I hope people knew that...
smh (author)  robotguy46 years ago
Thanks for that tip dude =)
scoochmaroo6 years ago
I love it. I'm going to use this in one of my upcoming I'bles!
smh (author)  scoochmaroo6 years ago
You're more than welcome =)
Haha, just made one. Its great, and very effecient! Thanks again.
smh (author)  I_am_Canadian6 years ago
No problem at all, glad you liked it =)
thepelton6 years ago
Shukran! We don't have great numbers of power failures here, but this looks quite useful.
smh (author)  thepelton6 years ago
Aafwaan =). Glad you liked it.
dreich6 years ago
Now how exactly are you going to carry this around in your pocket without dripping fuel all over your leg. :P Good instructable though, I used to use something similar to this back home made out of a round breath-mint tin.
smh (author)  dreich6 years ago
It's "Pocket-Sized". Doesn't mean you have to carry it in your pocket =P
cyc40156 years ago
in fact, if you put it in not too large of a mason jar, it would still fit in your pocket, and as long as you screw the top on the mason jar, you probably wouldn't get oil inside your pockets!