Step 4: Finishing Up:

Picture of Finishing Up:
Slowly pour in your Lamp Oil, Kerosene, Vegetable Oil, whatever, making sure not to spill any. Screw on the lid with the wick in it. The wick should be long enough to where it's resting on the bottom of the jar, but no so long that it curls up.

Make sure you don't overfill the jar. I usually don't fill more than about halfway and it lasts plenty of time.
kube604 years ago
There used to be a show when I was a kid called Mr. Wizard's world. In one episode, he poured some veg oil into a dish, tied a piece of string to a nut to weight it and lit the string. Instant candle. Veg oil most certainly will work. You can even run a car on it.
marlton20105 years ago
Vegetable Oil not work for fire, but lamp oil, it work!!
wehrlzz776 years ago
what els could be an alternative
will rubbing achohol work ?