Picture of Pocket-Sized Memory Aids
This Instructable will teach you how to build a small paper book with texts, images or drawings inside to help you remember things you must know. Useful for school, learning languages, learning some complex procedure, etc.

Step 1: Tools Needed

Picture of Tools Needed
For this Instructable, we need:

- A4 Paper Sheets (white and preferably light)

- Pencil

- Pen

- Rubber

- Scissors

- Stapler (a big one)

- Contents Source (our source of information to be included in the Memory Aid)

All the tools and materials are shown in the picture below.
just saying, you dont really need a front or back cover, use it to write more crap
grundisimo7 years ago
JZweige can you send me a copy of everything in your book in my inbox???????? the instructable was great im voting for you =)
the finished one
JZweige (author)  grundisimo7 years ago
but... the one saying how to do a great instructable?
yes that one!!!!!!!!!!
p.s. i voted 5.0 like 8 billion times
p.s.s. the one on the last step last two pictures on the bottom
Its actually PPS not PSS
feo0077 years ago
I did this before you did!! And I entered it. Please, check to see if this already exists before you make it!! Mine was uploaded somewhere mar.18!!
JZweige (author)  feo0077 years ago
! I didn't notice! But yours is not as good as mine in my opinion and there many altoids version for example. Besides, yours is not exactly like mine and I explored content making.
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you just got owned!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just found this .... www.pocketmod.comwww.pocketmod.com
JZweige (author)  topgunhotshot057 years ago
WOW! that's a great site! I must explore it a bit! very cool!
Hey, I love making these... I found a how-to of this on youtube last july and have been using this study method ever since! one tip for you; Instead of writing it by hand, make a template in photoshop or Paint.net and type everything. i find it much easier to read (sloppy printing) and you can fit a lot more stuff on a page and organize better. Great Instructable
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
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