Pocket Sized Motor





Introduction: Pocket Sized Motor

This instructable will show you how to make a small,multi use motor out of the motor that spins a CD in a CD player.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
-an old CD player
-a AA battery
-duct tape
-a small,thin piece of plastic

Step 2: Remove the Motor

Remove the motor from the CD player with the 2 wires that attach to it.Then strip the end of those wires.

Step 3: The Negative End

Touch the wires on opposite ends of the battery. If the motor doesn't run, try switching it around. Once you find that out, tape the wire that is supposed to touch the negative(-) side of the battery onto it.

Step 4: The Positive End

Rip a piece of duct tape about 1 and 1/2 inches long and 1/4 wide. then rip a small piece 1/4 by 1/4. Lay down the longer piece adhesive side up and stick the small piece in the middle.

Step 5: Makinng the "Switch"

Take the thin piece of plastic and cut it 1 inch long and 1/4 inch wide. Then cut a small hole near the end.

Step 6: Putting on the Switch

Place the wire that is supposed to touch the positive end(+) and Put the piece of duct tape that you made in step 4 over it tightly. Then slide the "switch" in between the wire and the battery.

Step 7: Finish

When you pull the switch, the wire will be in contact with the battery,the motor will run. Tape the wire onto the battery so it won't slide when you move the switch.



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    Most of the time they are steppers,With 8 or more wires to the coils

    to make this even more "pocket sized" i used a 3-volt battery (used in watches and smaller devises) to power it and you can just attach it to the bottom of the motor via solder or tape and it is really quite efficient. now obviously it will not provide the kind of torque that the AA battery will. very cool instructable!

    I'm going to attempt to up the voltage and put it on a small air plane, possibly paper airplane.

    lol, i had to use the other motor that was inside my CD player! well, atleast i can make people pee themselves with the power of tickle! w.... ROFLBURGER MC. LOLNUGGETS

    I just got i great idea. Sharpen the edge of a CD and stick it on there. CD saw. (evil look). MUAHAHAHA!!!. I CALL THIS!!!!

    What I did one time was like a million times better: I took an old Erector set motor, then I cut a bunch of notches into a tin can lid to make a saw blade, put a hole through the middle of the lid, and fastened it onto the axle of the motor with a rubber piece. I ran 12v through it, and it went so fast it nearly spun out of my hand. It cut all the way through a corrugated cardboard box! It was awesome!!!

    What exactly could this be used for as a 1.5 v cell hardly powers the motor enough to move the cd without stopping time and again( so no cd saw sadly)?

    lol a 24v battery killed my motor

    use a 9-volt, or a car battery. the car battery makes it go so fast that the air around the thing cuts paper!

    as well as giving you a nasty cut, even if you have work gloves on... it shredded mine like confetti. NEVER use your good gloves for that. use chain mail instead.