This little gadget is for the the little kids.
It creates an ever changing palet of colorful lights on the wall and ceiling.
It uses the ever popular 555 timer (gateway drug equivalent in electronics) to turn itself off in 15 (+ or - 3) minutes.
The voltage in low enough to be battery operated but works best with a wall AC to DC transformer. 9 volts is best, plus safe for the kids.

And now for a video:

Step 1: Prepare to Shop at Ebay

Almost all the components used in this instructable was found on ebay.
My ebay search included but is not limited to:

  • Slow fade RGB LED
  • color changing LED
  • 555 timer
  • small tin container
  • transistors
  • Capacitors
  • switches

I am a little addicted to ebay.

Sorry also, is the white on black schematic the same thing as the black on white schematic...<br/>I am having great difficulty reading what the white on black one says.
I'm sorry. I thought both schematics where black on white background. In any case, the two schematics I have explain two different things, the first one explains how to wire up the 555 timer chip. the second schematic explains how to wire a MOSFET to the output (pin 3) of the 555 timer.
It's ok thanks for your help!
Do 4 pin LED rgb lights work for thi?
sorry, no. The circuit does not have controls for each individual color of an RGB LED. the circuit is there just to turn the night light off automatically after a set amount of time based on the RC Constant. I used LEDS that are RGB but change color on their own.
I'm very new to this stuff, but what does bridging the pins 6 and 7 mean?
solder the legs of pin 6 and 7 together. :)
Thank you for ur help!!
Also what is the casing?
a circular tin with a clear top.
i did an ebay search for &quot;round tin clear top&quot;
Thanks!! Can you possibly send me a link to the resistors?
Here is the link when i did a search for &quot;Resistor Assortment&quot; <br>http://www.ebay.com/itm/77Values-metal-film-resistor-assortment-kit-1W-1-3850pcs-/390598832628?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&amp;hash=item5af18131f4
Why have you given separate bullets for 555 IC and 555 timer?I thought they were the same,or aren't they?
You are right. That was a typo. I have corrected it.
Sorry, if possible a link for all resistors...THANKS!!!
Cost for the project is perhaps $10-$15. Less if your are really good at shopping. I purchased an assortment pack of resistors at ebay. I made sure the assortment contained the values I needed. you can always chain a series of resistors together to get the value your want too.
Also, if possible can you send me a link on ebay for the 36 Ohm resistor? Thanks.
How much is this project?

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