Pocket Sized Solder Fume Extractor





Introduction: Pocket Sized Solder Fume Extractor

This Instructable will show you how to create a compact solder fume extractor. I built this because I have limited space to store my tools and I wanted something that would fit easily in my toolbox. It does sacrifice some effectiveness for a smaller size but it works well enough for me as I don't solder very often.

Step 1: Parts List

For this project you will need
Altoids Tin
Whisper Bio Bag aquarium filter cartridge small size
9V Battery
9V Battery Connector
40mmx 40mmx 10mm computer fan
4 screws (I used m3 x 18mm screws I had lying around) and nuts
switch (I got this one out of an old clock)

Dremel with a cut off wheel
Soldering Iron
Wire Strippers

Step 2: Making the Case

First mark out where you will be drilling the fan holes and the hole for the switch. For the bottom of the case I drew it out on a piece of paper and made several copies to tape in place. The screw holes for the fan i used where 33mmx33m apart and the hole for the fan was about 38 mm in diameter.

Drill the screw holes first then cut the hole for the fan. I used the Dremel for this but a hole saw might be an easier way to do it. The extra copies of the layout came in handy for this as the paper tears up a lot faster than the tin.

For the lid I traced a rough outline of the filter with a sharpie and gradually cut it out with the Dremel. You will want to clamp it down or put it in a vice to hold it in place. If you get it close enough the filter will stay in place without needing anything to hold it. You want the filter to be as close to the opposite side of the hinges as possible to make sure it will close when everything is put together. Removing the lid from the tin first makes this step easier.

Cut the hole for your switch wherever you want to place it.

File down any rough or sharp edges

Step 3: Wiring

First you will need to remove the connector from computer fan wires. You can also remove the yellow wire altogether if you want as it is unnecessary for this project.

Solder the connections together as shown in the diagram. The circuit is pretty basic.

Step 4: Assembly

Install the switch to the case. I used super glue for this.

Screw the fan in place so that it blows air towards the filter and put in the battery.

Reattach the lid if you have not done so already and your fume extractor is complete.

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Yes this is a awesome idea. I will be making one. I make jewellery and small sculptures and it's useful to have something like this for not only soldering, melting plastic, etc etc..

I'll make mine out of 18650 rechargeables which should give better cheaper runtime.

Another thing that you don't want to be breathing in is LEAD fumes. A problem if you are reworking/fixing something.
And don't assume that just because something is marked Lead Free/RoHS that it is..
Just the same way you don't automatically assume that the 32gb SDHC Class 10 memory card you got from ebay for $5 is 32gb (and not a 2gb one with an extra "3" screen printed on it)..
As for all those that say "Ive been doing xxxx for years and never got sick" All I can say is good for you. There have been people texting while driving, not bothering with the safety on a gun, not wearing a seatbelt, smoking, having unprotected sex, riding a bike without a helmet, not using a safety harness, not wearing ear or eye protection blah blah blah... They all think it will never happen to them. and they are all winners.... And every hospital in the world has an emergency department that is full with a 4 hour wait 24/7 ... full of people that did a thing many times before... but today their lucky number came up. Go there ask them "please put up your remaining hand if you woke up this morning with the intention of ending up in an emergency ward before the end of the day." haha

easy way to get computer fans:make friends with people doing the computer business(second hand computer shops) and just by buying them lunch you can get loads of computer fans....im serious...

suggestion: after super glueing the switch, use hot glue(a lot) to ensure it doesn't fall off

How long does the 9 Volt battery last?

were can i get altoids empty cans

Easiest would be to buy a pack at a gas station or a grocery store. They usually have them by the checkout. If they are not available near you amazon sells them.

nice!!!!:) lol

Know it's a super simple circuit, but is the negative battery wire connected to the switch? Typically thought black wires are negative, but the diagram is telling me it's supposed to be positive. Am I misreading it (incredibly possible) or are the wires just different?

You'll be okay either way. It is generally better to try to have the switch on the + side of the circuit but for this application it won't really make a difference.

Nice! I think it will really help me. I also have limited space