Introduction: Pocket-Sized Speed Contest Entry: Universal Memory Carry Case! Stop Forgetting

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This is a "Universal Carry Case" for sd, mmc, flash drives, xd, CF, memory stik/pro...great for all your memory needs! AND IT FITS IN YOUR POCKET!!! This is an entry to the "Pocket-Sized Speed Contest" (The contest closes on my Birthday, so please vote for it if you like it)

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

You will need:
An X-it mints tin
One or more of the following:
Gutted flash drive
SD cards
MMC cards
Memory stick/pro card
XD cards
CF cards
(any kind i forgot)

Step 2: Put the Cards\Drives in the Case

Picture of Put the Cards\Drives in the Case

So, open the case, and put the removable media inside of it, i put six things, and i think you could put a lot more (the case was about 1/2 full). The close the case, this is just about the hardest part of this Instructable.

Step 3: Final Step: Put in Pocket!

Picture of Final Step: Put in Pocket!

Slide the X-it Mints case into your pocket.


duck-lemon (author)2008-03-14

Not to be mean but we all know to put stuff in small tins you just put it into 3 steps.

KIlroii (author)2008-06-14

Suggest you paint the outside some funky color so you can find it if you drop it. Also, if you do drop it, no one will pick up a tin of mints to see what it is. It will likely get stepped on or kicked down the block!! add some return info if lost.

I3uckwheat (author)2008-05-17


I3uckwheat (author)2008-05-17


gamer (author)I3uckwheat2008-05-17

Haha, our names are very simmular! one day, a member, gamer555 (now he changed his name) or something like that, went on my orangeboard and said "you stole my name", funny thing though, my account was about 6 months older than his... haha, I am actually happy that im not the only one to be a "gamer" here... also, thanks. -gamer

gamer (author)gamer2008-05-17

"Gamer555" changed his name to "Easy Button"

cyber_meat (author)2008-03-26

great idea in concept, but now instead of only forgetting one thing you can forget them all at once.

RE (author)2008-03-16

Wow what a great idea! I have lost a few of my sd cards because of no central place to keep them. This is really a very good idea, simple too. I am voting for you, hope you win!

gamer (author)RE2008-03-16

thanks a lot:) i am happy to see that you liked it. thanks for the vote!

gmjhowe (author)2008-03-15

these tins are great for many things. Good luck with your new instructable. i cant wait to see it. dont let people put you down. but also take on board advice that people give.

gamer (author)gmjhowe2008-03-15


GorillazMiko (author)2008-03-14

The perfect pocket item! Also great for holding DS games, and even coins. Great job.

gamer (author)GorillazMiko2008-03-15

wow, ur the first person that gives me a nice comment, and yes, DS games fit perfectly, i checked it out:P.

gamer (author)2008-03-14

sorry to all of those who find this sucked, tommorow i will make a better instructable, once again, with an X-it mint tin, but this one is really cool, anyways...

w00ty32 (author)2008-03-14

i did.

w00ty32 (author)2008-03-14

Cool, altho i duct tape the inside to avoid the inevitable rattle. +1

gamer (author)w00ty322008-03-14

if you like it you can vote for it in the pocket contest, cause i really wanna get an Instructables t-shirt.

gamer (author)w00ty322008-03-14

good idea

gamer (author)2008-03-14

Please Vote for it in the pocket contest if you like it

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