Pocket-Sized Speed Contest Entry: Universal memory carry case! Stop Forgetting

Picture of Pocket-Sized Speed Contest Entry: Universal memory carry case! Stop Forgetting
This is a "Universal Carry Case" for sd, mmc, flash drives, xd, CF, memory stik/pro...great for all your memory needs! AND IT FITS IN YOUR POCKET!!! This is an entry to the "Pocket-Sized Speed Contest" (The contest closes on my Birthday, so please vote for it if you like it)

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:
An X-it mints tin
One or more of the following:
Gutted flash drive
SD cards
MMC cards
Memory stick/pro card
XD cards
CF cards
(any kind i forgot)
duck-lemon7 years ago
Not to be mean but we all know to put stuff in small tins you just put it into 3 steps.
KIlroii7 years ago
Suggest you paint the outside some funky color so you can find it if you drop it. Also, if you do drop it, no one will pick up a tin of mints to see what it is. It will likely get stepped on or kicked down the block!! add some return info if lost.
I3uckwheat7 years ago
I3uckwheat7 years ago
gamer (author)  I3uckwheat7 years ago
Haha, our names are very simmular! one day, a member, gamer555 (now he changed his name) or something like that, went on my orangeboard and said "you stole my name", funny thing though, my account was about 6 months older than his... haha, I am actually happy that im not the only one to be a "gamer" here... also, thanks. -gamer
gamer (author)  gamer7 years ago
"Gamer555" changed his name to "Easy Button"
cyber_meat7 years ago
great idea in concept, but now instead of only forgetting one thing you can forget them all at once.
RE7 years ago
Wow what a great idea! I have lost a few of my sd cards because of no central place to keep them. This is really a very good idea, simple too. I am voting for you, hope you win!
gamer (author)  RE7 years ago
thanks a lot:) i am happy to see that you liked it. thanks for the vote!
gmjhowe7 years ago
these tins are great for many things. Good luck with your new instructable. i cant wait to see it. dont let people put you down. but also take on board advice that people give.
gamer (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
The perfect pocket item! Also great for holding DS games, and even coins. Great job.
gamer (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
wow, ur the first person that gives me a nice comment, and yes, DS games fit perfectly, i checked it out:P.
gamer (author) 7 years ago
sorry to all of those who find this sucked, tommorow i will make a better instructable, once again, with an X-it mint tin, but this one is really cool, anyways...
w00ty327 years ago
i did.
w00ty327 years ago
Cool, altho i duct tape the inside to avoid the inevitable rattle. +1
gamer (author)  w00ty327 years ago
if you like it you can vote for it in the pocket contest, cause i really wanna get an Instructables t-shirt.
gamer (author)  w00ty327 years ago
good idea
gamer (author) 7 years ago
Please Vote for it in the pocket contest if you like it