Pocket Sized Yeti!


Introduction: Pocket Sized Yeti!

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After making a large yeti, I decided I wanted to make a small one, this time using my own pattern. He's made with all acrylic yarn, and seems to have multiplied. I couldn't make just one!! 



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    I sell them in my Etsy shop. If I don't have them there, then they can always be custom ordered. :)


    my friends have been calling me yeti for 10 years. i would LOVE to have a few of these.

    how can i have them?

     i would love to have a pattern for this!
    sooo cute!

     Thanks so much! Yes, I bet that's how they multiply, I didn't think of that before hand. lol.

    Never get pocket yeti wet!
    (isn't that how gremlins multiply. . . ?)
    Adorable!  Would you be willing to share your pattern here?