Pocket Slingshot





Introduction: Pocket Slingshot

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You will need to have:

2 pens
2 rubber bands

Step 1: Tying Up

Take a rubber band and cut it, then tie each end to one pen

Step 2: Tie Up

At the other side of the pens make the stay toghether by connecting them witha good rubber band.

Step 3: Shoot

To shoot pull back the cut rubber band while holding the bottom toghether. Use small pieces of paper or something soft.



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    I hate those pens

    instead of pens u can use your fingers


    Great first instructable.

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    Hey thanks I am making more soon!

    This is totally awesome!!!
    But it a is very basic and simple design, that doesn't require much to make. And guess what, thats the goo, no great thing about it, because this means it will be easy to improvise, so why not give that a try. For a head start, why not make a small "bag" to hold ammo, this will make it a Dual-Mode Launcher that can launch bent paper in the "normal(current)" mode and then gain the capability to launch pieces of crumpled paper, pebbles, marbles almost anything with a slip on bag. However, while using this, dont use stones or marbles to avoid hurting friends and playmates.
    Any other ideas then please post a reply!!

    Best wishes from India

    I agree! But I thought it may be a bit sketchy so I made my own, I called it The Pencil Launcher because it uses different ammo and shoots FAR!

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    So why dont you make an Instructable?
    I am sure it will be a good one.
    We are waiting!!

    Oh, great! Just what I needed! One more fun and awesome way to procrastinate work! (If I get fired, may I come live with you?...)

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    Well, I always wanted to go to Poland... My aunt and uncle used to speak Polish so fast, I finally gave up hope trying to learn what they were saying! My grandmother, however, taught me Norwegian as a preschooler. Her English was excellent, too.

    HAHA well I live in Poland and my house is out of space ;( Sorry!

    Unrelated to your build, i love those pens. its a thermochromic ink, you can quickly make words vanish by waving a piece of paper written on over a candle flame, and then magically get it to re appear in a freezer!

    dont write anything important with those pens, and if you do dont leave it in a hot car.

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    these are Frixon pen so along with there name, the ink disappears with friction,
    which produce heat and thats how the ink disappears.

    The little grey end on those Frixon pens is the part u can use to make the friction.

    There are also an Highlighter versions of the Frixon products!

    "You'll shoot Your eye out"..HAR.! = (A Christmas Story).

    Before anyone in the office pulls one of these out, be warned, I have a metal handle/surgical rubing device which shoots marbles (glass or steel ball) very nicely. ;)

    Good idea! Simple yet effective.

    That's awesome, now you can have a real life angry birds battle with your officemates! Simple yet effective.

    Cool, an excellent office supply assault device.