Introduction: Pocket Slingshot

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Depending on what ammo you use this slingshot can go pretty far.
This is my first instructable so... comment if you want but be nice please.
sorry for the bad pic

Step 1: Items

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all you will need is...
-paper clip
-needle nose pliers
-wire cutters
-electrical tape
-small sized rubber band

Step 2: Forming the Paper Clip

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-make the paper clip straight using the pliers.
-bend the paper clip 1/3 of the way down
-bend the small portion down and the long one up. it will look like a "Y"
-bend the long part down so it is the same length as the other arm
-bend it down at the same point you did to the smaller side
-grab the 2 ends of the paper clip with the pliers and twist it

Step 3: Tape + Rubber Band

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-tape the handle of the slingshot so you dont cut your self
-cut the rubber band and DOUBLE KNOT ONE SIDE of it
-insert one end of it into one of the slits on one of the arms
-insert the other side in the other armand then tie it to the slit
-use the pliers to close the slits in the arms
-tape the arms and make sur you tape the knots too so they dont come undone

Step 4: DONE

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this baby can shoot far but it hurts so dont shoot people with it


arisachang (author)2013-03-16

awesome pocket slingshot! thanks

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