Pocket Survival Kit





Introduction: Pocket Survival Kit

A talented person can survive with nothing but the clothing on their back and what they have between their ears, however it is nice to have a little help. Unlike a GPS, satellite telephone, tent, cook stove, backpack, first aid kit, and more until you are dragging 200 pounds around with you. This pocket survival kit is everything you need to make survival easier. This kit is small light and cost less than Ten Dollars to put together.

Step 1: Components in Order From Left to Right.

These ten things can make a difference.

1. A case.
The best case is a watertight case that floats minimum a rain resistant case. It should be small enough to fit in your pocket and large enough to hold everything in your kit. A tin case can be used for cooking but not a compass.

2. A strong four-inch knife.
Four-inch knife, large enough to clean game for eating, and sturdy enough to whittle wood. A knife is a simple tool possessed by Homosapiens (man) since the Stone Age. Today made from sharpened steel and a handle, knives continue to be a simple and reliable tool.

3. Ten feet of Snare wire.
Brass is just my preference over copper or steel. All three are good but copper is soft and less reusable and steel is stiff.

4. Sewing kit needle threads a pin, and a couple buttons.
A sewing kit can be used to stitch up a deep wound, repair clothing, or the needle can be used to make a compass.

5. A small Magnet.
A magnet can be used to make a compass by fastening it to a piece of wood with the elastic band and floating it in water. The watertight case can be used to hold the water and the knife can be used to whittle a piece of wood to float the magnet. The magnet can also be used to magnetize the pin or the needle to make a compass.

6. String.
Spun nylon fishing line fifty to one hundred pound test is good about 20 feet. This can be used to snare snakes, small birds, and large insects. It can also be used to bind stilts for a shelter, or to fish with.

7. Disposable lighter.
A disposable lighter has more lights than a book of water proof matches, and the striker and flint can be used to start fires long after the fuel is used up.

8. Fishing hooks.
Obviously for fishing.

9. Clear fishing line 10 feet.
Obviously for fishing.

10. Elastic Band.
An elastic band is a universal spring, fastener, and security seal for your kit.

Step 2: Inside the Kit

Post 9/11 most of the things in this kit would not be allowed on a plane. The wire, string, and fishing line can be used to make a garrote. The knife and lighter are out right banned. However, this kit is small enough to take hiking, cycling, or with you in a car, bus, or train. It may not have everything you could use in an emergency but it has what you need to make the others like a compass and a shelter. After this, all you need is a survival course.



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    My two cents: I don't mean to offend anyone but those kits always make me think: It's somehow strange.
    I carry all those things and many other (not the hooks) with me everyday in my EDC , still I don't call mine a "survival kit".

    How many are the chances that any one of us end up lost in the woods and will actually need to fish or to catch game to survive? Is anyone sure to be able to? Did anyone try? We live 99.9999% of our life time in an urban env, and that's where we mostly will need help since basically this is just another type of jungle.

    I Would add:
    - bus / metro tickets
    - a real compass
    - duch-tape
    - zip/fastening ties
    - means to get in touch with others or ways to signals you presence so to be rescued: a wistle would be perfect.

    Good question, how is this useful to me?
    People in New Orleans were starving after Hurricane Katrina and rescue took a week. Ask them how useful a whistle or a buss pass is.
    You can make a whistle with what is in my kit.

    Have you heard of urban wild life?
    Could you set up a snare to catch a squirrel to eat?
    Would you even know the best materials to make a snare?
    What is wrong with eating coy from a coy pond or goldfish?
    You can make a fishing hook out of a bobby pin.
    Could you catch let alone eat the neighbors cat?
    Just how useful would a compass be to a person that knows the city.
    Take out a cigarette and ask someone that is not smoking for a light and you will find out how many people don’t carry fire.

    There is no such a thing as duct tape not being useful, however a role of duct tape wont fit in your pocket and it is one time use.

    zip/fastening ties are one time use unless you make a rope out of them.

    All the components in my kit are multi time use; the thread if used for stitching or sewing is one time use, but more than one use.

    Lets say you dropped the lighter or the knife down a crevice, tie the magnet to the string and drop it down the crevice to the lighter or knife, it sticks to the metal and pull it up. Try that with a compass.

    By the way, what is an EDC?

    I have been long hall truck driver and equipment operator for thirty years, (The most dangerous occupation in Canada) Most of the time when I am stuck it is close to or in civilization “MOST OF THE TIME”. Cell phones only work when you are in range of a cell tower and C.B.s only work when you are in range of another C.B.

    Now I can see how a person that is never out of earshot of the metro rail can find a survival kit a little supercilious. However I travel all over North America to remote comminutes and travel roads that see a vehicle once a month or less. I usually travel with collapsible fishing rod and some fishing gear, a big knife that is closer to a sward than a knife that I can cut down a tree or kill a moose with it. The longest I have been stranded is one month. I amaze people that see me fish, trap, or hunt, my wife calls it shopping.

    There are places if you wreck the truck and they know where you are; they don’t go in to collect the body until spring. The body of the son of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, (The ex Prime Minister of Canada) took almost two years to recover and rescuers knew where he was.

    Rescuers will send a helicopter overhead to see if there are any signs of life, if they see none they do not risk the lives of others. They will not bother for someone like me.

    The Gerber Bear Grills Fire Starter is an essential piece to add to your survival gear and also features an attached emergency whistle.

    Great kit, I have not seen one in a soap container in awhile. I would like to say be careful of lighters because the butane can leak out or freeze up under 40 degrees if I remember right but the sparking wheel on the lighter is still available if you had some cotton ball shoved into the nooks and crannies. Thanks and

    GOD Bless you and your families

    Ok I'll try. I didn't see a ible on one

    Neither did I so it would be something new might even be a winner.

    I've tried using tinfoil and it worked for me. That is what is in my altoids one. Use the heavy duty stuff

    Do an Instructable on it I would like to see that tinfoil is easy to come by and if it is easy that is even better.

    What about tinfoil. small and can purify water...also water pur. tablets would be a good addition