This is a pocket sized boffer. Its intended use, is not battling broadswords, but as a knife. Stabbing, sneaking, you name it. This is an entry to the pocket size competition, so vote for me :).

Step 1: Materials

4 nerf darts (depending on pencil size)
Duct tape
strapping tape (optional)
A pencil

Step 2: Remove

Eraser and metal piece, nerf dart heads

Step 3: Put On

Put two darts onto pencil, with a little bit over the edge.

Step 4: Cut (Not Your Wrists!!!!)

Cut a dart in half long ways, and then one of the halves short way

Step 5: Slide

Slide one of the halves onto the pencil. this will be your gaurd.

Step 6: Tape

Remeber those half half pieces :), tape them to the tip and pommel (just for saftey) I used strapping tape, but duct tape will work.. Also do some cross taping on the gaurd.

Step 7: Tape Part II

Now you are almost done. Get strip of duct tape about half the circumference of the foam, and apply to the blade all around.(from base of blade, to top, to base). Repeat for the grip side. Now just do your best to tape and reinforce the guard.

Step 8: Your Done!!

what are you still here for :) Im just joking. You can experiment with battling your friends at school. They might get confiscated though
i used a letter openner that i sharpened the edges of, lol, lets just say i play for keeps.<br /> <br /> eventually i had to make a wooden sheath, cause it stabbed into my leg, twice.
Yeah, sharp thing will tend to do that.....Kinda like carrying a bomb with a push-button detonator....sooner or later.......BOOOOM! XD
that would ruin your day (unless your emo of course)
Someone's a little crabby ;)
Having friends among the various 'dark and brooding' castes, as well as working with people who actually have emotional disorders, I can honestly state that your angry response is nonsense.<br><br>Sure, some people do have emotional disorders, but folks who are 'Emo' are not defined as such. It is a choice of style and behavior.<br><br>While some Emo folks may have a disorder, that is not what it inherently means.
holy crap dude calm down it's a joke i mean seriously chill
roflol :)
ha thats funny
that sword pwned the spartans
Wrong. Spartans pwned that sword.
Wrong. Pwned sworded that Spartan.
So true!
Pwned! That wrong Spartans sword!
Hmm...<br/>It <em>is</em> logical...<br/>
Le gasp! Vanapun has said something even Stephen Hawking couldn't!!!!!
Le gasp! You misspelled his name!
Le gasp! I did!
I am sincerely offended!
YAH SO WAT??? JK, sorry...
Fail.<br />
Yeah i know :D
*tosses him a Dagger made from a Sharpie marker, duct tape, some 5 minute epoxy, and a dull Jigsaw Blade* Get your revenge!
WTF!!!<br /> <br />
very cute. I want to make one now to use in a Larp. get it passed just so the people will be like..."Wth is that?" It's an epic hidden thief dagger, duh.
what uni?
I think that one in the pic is a Quax trials. I ride a KH trials now.
I use it as a nerf throwing knife
hey guys check my instructable its sick
you don't have any
I'm sorry to tell you this, but this is not even a boffer. this is waaaaayyyyy to mall to be considered as a dagger. I'm sorry, but you can't use this for anything. ( if it's made of metal, maybe you can still use it as a knife, but not this..... )
He said it's used to boff ( boffer fight ) and i'm saying this is waaaay to small to even be considered a boffer knife.
It's actually more of a boff<em>ette</em><br/>
He said it was pocket-sized and not really used for anything.
This is a pocket sized boffer. Its intended use, is not battling broadswords, but as a knife. Stabbing, sneaking, you name it READ!!!!
Can you make it longer by using more darts? ore would it be to wobbly if you do so?
Kind of pointless a bit, but use a blade. That would be <em>awesome</em>. :D<br/>
you know what is pointless, this sword, literally
Okay the burn 7. Just because I dislike your Instructable doesn't mean you need to rag on mine. Do you know what boffing is? That is what it's for
no no no, your sword doesnt have a point on it, get it? lol
LOL, I get it, haha nice one!
You need to get yourself some alumiuim foil tape! works a treat for swords!
LOL made 2 of em and a longer 1 and had a war with friends i had 3 my on friend had a long one and my other 1 was just a spy with a little one anyway thx for the idea!!
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boffer">Boffers</a> are used for simulated combat/role playing games.<br/>
its kinda for larp. I dont larp myself, but i do boff, and having a mini dagger is use full <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.thealmightyguru.com/Boffer/Boffer-Generic.html">http://www.thealmightyguru.com/Boffer/Boffer-Generic.html</a> that is a website devoted to boffing<br/>

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