Step 5: Signage

I stitched the letters for the police box sign with embroidery thread.  For the door sign I just scribbled on the small square of white felt with a blue sharpie. 
This is great! I can see your basic idea being used for a lot of different things expanding beyond Dr. Who. Well done!
Thanks! Yes that's true, if you are not a Dr. Who fan you can follow up to step 4 and personalized any way you want.
My allergies are AWFUL right now I might have to make myself one, if I get around to it I completely will and show ya. Again great job!
Cool, looking forward to seeing it!
I love it! Such a good idea. :)
Like your Pocket Tardis ible.<br> <br> Need to find a way it can dispense tissues for a lifetime :-)<br> <br> A
Well it is bigger in the inside ;)
haha nice one there=)
Great job! With all those tissues coming out it's like it's bigger on the inside, or something! <br />

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