Picture of Pocket Tazer
This is a TAZER I made out of a $4 electric fly swatter
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Step 1: Dismantling The Fly Swatter

Picture of Dismantling The Fly Swatter
Unscrew the swatter and remove the racket it should look like this inside

Step 2: Connecting the rods

Picture of Connecting the rods
13, 12:41.jpg
Take a coat hanger and cut two metal bars off if it. In the handle there should be two small wires that connected from the circuit board to the racket Tahoe the two rods and hot glue them on there then glue the rods on to the outer edge of the handle. Once your done with that put the handle back together and your done!
If you want to spend 9 dollars and get a real taser go to Amazon.com and search vipertek vts 881. It's 3 and 1/2 inches long and has got a super bright flashlight.
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lukem6641 year ago
how many volts does it fire? because I really want to tazer my brother.
poppop159 (author)  lukem6641 year ago
5000 volts

How many amps is the question.

can you make something that could shoot it?

Remember the unit still delivers a charge when off unless discharged. I found that discharging the unit on a surface of aluminized Mylar works well and makes a satisfying POP along with a bright flash.
Dude that's awesome!!
I think you should try and adapt a higher voltage battery to really bring the pain though...