Step 2: Choose Your Material

This is important. I choose a piece of camouflage material because I had it and didn't have the tools to make holes in my piece of leather i wanted to make it out of. I soon discovered that this piece was likely to be too flimsy and extremely frustrating. However rather than give up i decided to finish and try it out and see if I even liked it.

So choose a piece of cloth big enough to be double the width of the items you chose combined width. It should be stiff, like a piece of denim or thick nylon.

Nice username!!!!!
Good idea.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> I do lots of theater work, so I often carry a crescent wrench.&nbsp; Instead of having it free in my pocket, I cut a slit (the size of the wrench handle) in the small secondary front pocket of my jeans.&nbsp; The head of the wrench stays in the small pocket, easy to access, while the handle slides down into the main front pocket.<br /> <br /> (I'll post a picture if that didn't make sense)<br />
Thumbsup for theater work, thats where i carry my multi itool half the time<br />
That sounds like a great idea. Plus it works for you awesome <br />
IMHO, using a jacket essentially made of pockets is a better method, as I&nbsp;can be a walking supply depot and still get everything without rummaging...<br />
Good point...&nbsp; In the summer time a jacket is not some I&nbsp;want to wear so this works for me <br />
True, it does get a little warm but the jacket I use is more like a canvas windbreaker with a ton of pockets.<br />

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