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Introduction: Pocket Travel Mini Lego Playset

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As the owner of YOU gNeek - unique items for the geek and gadget enthusiast in YOU, we package and ship many of our small jewelry items in small pillbox tins.  These tin boxes are the size of the Mini Altoids Tins and we love the fact that they are reusable and can be recycled.  We can't force our customers or owners of these tin boxes to recycle but we can offer fresh DIY projects to turn their tins into cool gifts and toys and, yes, gadgets in our upcoming instructables. 

Presenting:  The Pocket Travel Mini Lego Playset Tin


one small tin
at least 3 flat Lego pieces 2 x 8 or any configuration
permanent adhesive (we recommend E6000)
a variety of small Lego pieces (sold in small quantities at the Lego store or from your stash)
hammer (optional)

Step 1: Prepare Your Tin

Step 1

Remove any stickers or labels from the tin.

Step 2: Hammer the Top Flat

Step 2

If the top of the tin is not flat, open the tin and place the top on a small block and lightly hammer it flat.

Go slow and gentle and you may want to use a washcloth or thick shirt to keep the hammer from marring the top.

Step 3: Glue Flat Lego Pieces On

Step 3

Glue 3 pieces of 2x8 flat Lego pieces (any color) to the top of the tin.

If you want you can get creative and make a design or pattern out of different colored flat pieces of various sizes.

You may also choose to glue some to the inside of the tin instead of gluing the top or in addition to gluing the top. Hint: you will fit more legos if you do not glue pieces to the inside.

Step 4: Fill With Legos

Step 4

Fill with small Lego pieces. You may also include a minifig but it takes up a lot of space.

If you can't fit all the Legos you want INSIDE the box, connect them to the top of your box and they should not come loose!

Step 5: Take It With You and Play Play Play

Step 5

Take your Lego tin wherever you go and if you feel the need to fidget, start building!



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    Omg, that is fantastic! I so want one for my desk.

    your adaptation is awesome!

    Also the funny thing is I finished a tin of just mints right then

    Gonna make this it's awesome

    make this. it is so sweet!!!!!!!

    make this. it is so sweet!!!!!!!

    make this. it is so sweet!!!!!!!

    make this. it is so sweet!!!!!!!

    make this. it is so sweet!!!!!!!

    make this. it is so sweet!!!!!!!

    make this. it is so sweet!!!!!!!

    Yes you can use Altoids tins but you may need to hammer flat the lettering first before gluing down the Legos.

    thanks so much. I made it! I love it.

    I am going to make one. so cool!!

    Would it work if I 3d-printed lego?

    Nice work!!! I'm always wanting something to fiddle with and this would be the perfect thing!