This tripod fits in my size 16 jeans easily with no poking out bits. A few days of brainstorming and then a bit of experimenting with different parts led to the creation of a 44 gram pocket tripod that has been tested to hold over 600 grams fully extended(19 inches tall compared to the commercial height of 6-17.3 inches tall. Its taller extended than the tallest commercial mini tripod that I could find and can be made taller with a different antenna)! For reference, a normal digital camera weighs about 150 grams. I am pleased to present the POCKET TRIPOD! (Scream the name because its just that awesome!)

P.S. This is a somewhat "comical" demo of the pocket tripod and its capabilities, it becomes more stable when weight (a camera) is attached to the top

Also have a look at my Pocket Soft Light for all of you pocket sized photographers!
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Step 1: Parts

You will need:
Lego Parts:
2X: 3x4 plate with connection brackets and 1x4 plate with opposite connections (as seen in 1st picture)
Non-Lego Parts:
3X: Antennae(I used some spare ones from old remote controls)
1X: Bolt(as seen in 2nd picture) that will can screw into the camera to hold it into place(fiddle around, I found mine in a spare parts bin)
1X: Piece of metal used for structural stability(optional)
1X: Piece of metal or dime for twisting the bolt to tighten the camera attachment

As you can see, the only way to classify parts is as either Lego or Non-Lego.
All Non-Lego parts can be, with some difficulty, replaced with custom or store bought parts.

Total Cost-$0 (may be up to a dollar if you don't have certain parts)

Step 2: Assembly(PART 1)

This is the main swivel base for the entire structure. Make sure to clip off bumps, you will see why when you get to step 4 (Assembly Part 3).

Step 3: Assembly(Part 2)

This step is focused on the construction of the camera base. You will most likely have to adjust for whatever camera you are using, just remember where the weight of your camera is... Build up that place... make it sturdier... together, metal beams can accomplish ANYTHING!
Very handy :) You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!
searx (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
I just entered it! Thanks!
TrailH4x1 year ago
Been contemplating an ultralight tripod for backpacking. Have a gorillapod, but looking for something with a bit more "grip" or height in several situations. This may fit the bill! Thanks.
searx (author)  TrailH4x1 year ago
Can you send me a photo of your finished build? That would be great!
searx (author)  TrailH4x1 year ago
You're welcome! Good Luck!
very clever ideal
searx (author)  batteriesnotincluded1 year ago
thank you!