Pocket Tripod + Mount for Mini Video




Introduction: Pocket Tripod + Mount for Mini Video

(If I win the laser cutter contest, I'll give it to a high school or college near me with the provision that I can use it to make science experiments.  I've been a student teacher in shop classes, and a mentor in 1st robotics. I think the laser cutter would be a great addition to a school. It could help bring together science, engineering and shop classes. For examples of my science projects, see any of my -ibles with "physics" in the title)

The RCA "Little Wonder" and Rite Aid's one time use video cameras are each made to travel in a pocket, but neither has a tripod mount.  Therefore, I bent aluminum stock in the vice with a hammer, then drilled and tapped a 1/4-20 hole in each side to accomodate a standard tripod bolt. 

As a side benefit, the rectangle is snug enough to set the camera at an angle and use it with no tripod. 

The base is a tripod head from a security camera screwed into a T-nut set in wood.  This wood is sculpted (by table saw and belt sander) to wrap around ones posterior comfortably.



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