Step 5: Putting It All Back Together

The last step is to put the whole watch back together. If you removed the back, place it back into its socket, and give it a few sharp taps with the screwdriver or hammer to get it back in the right position. Then, take the key and put it into its hole in the handle. Close the watch, and press the button. The watch will open. You can take out the key as long as the watch is either open or closed. You can close the watch without the key, but it is always a good idea to put it in just so you don't lose it. You DO, however, need to use the key to open it. Congratulations. You have made a pocket watch vault.
Interesting idea!
you BROKE a brand new watch for this????<br><br>BTW, the same watch costs 150 rupees( about $3.5 ) here in India!<br><br>if u really wanna keep it like a secret vault, stick those clock hands on the dial, and attach the dial over the vault space, such a way that its open able. may be u can add a hinge or a piece of string from the back.

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