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Introduction: Pocket Wire Crossbow

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This tiny crossbow and the bolts are made out of 2 things; steel wire (a little thinner than a paperclip), and a rubber band. Although the crossbow is smaller than my palm it can easily hurl the bolts across my house at a good speed. Although one of the downsides to it's size is firing it is really hard.

I will try to make an instuctable on this sometime.



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    I would love to see! I have tried making more myself but paperclips tend to be a tad to short and get metal fatigue to easily. In the past I used a wire I had gotten at Micheal's for jewelry or home depot(not sure on this but some sort of spooled metal wire that was ply-able.) Anyways long since run out of the wire and cannot remember exactly what kind I got.

    it looks coll U should make an instruckable of it

    Please make the instructable it looks SOO cool but i can't figure out how it's made. Keep up good work!

    Technically it is, but unlike a typical slingshot it doesn't shoot by holding it vertical(the wire isn't braced that way). Instead you hold it as if it was a crossbow (the slingshot is held horizantally). I just call it a crossbow, but you can call it a slingshot if you like.

    A slingshot uses elastic to propel a projectile. A bow/crossbow uses the natural spring in wood to do that.

    Get your facts straight before correcting someone.

    I was agreeing with him..... I was just saying that "I" call it a crossbow.

    are you really arguing over this?

    the wire looks like from a hanger

    3 things, 1. that still scares me. 2.what kind of wire is that?!?! paper clip or something? 3. remember, KEEP IT AWAY FROM RICKY...or Smudge...is going down... Other then that keep up the good work on your "loco" ideas. =]

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    I agree Ricky should never have this.... and if you think this is loco you haven't see my giant wooden rubber-band crossbow yet. BTW Ricky would destroy cloud not smudge. The wire I got at home depot, and I it was 3mm I think ( I don't remember the gauge)

    can you show how to make this pocket wire crossbow.

    I don't think so. The wire was similar to the wire in a paperclip, in fact You could probably make one out of a paper clip.