Pocket Zombie Survival Kit


Introduction: Pocket Zombie Survival Kit

Step 1: Items Needed:

6-7 water purification pills 1 tube of ointment 1 pair of tweezers A pen/pencil and notebook A small portable game Gold and/or silver for barter String Matches and/or lighter (lighter would be more reliable) Light Firecrackers(to attract zombies to a certain place) Screwdriver Caffeine pills Sleep pills Something to hold it all Tinfoil to wrap everything up Tape

Step 2: Security of Your Items

Wrap the pills in tinfoil. Use tape to label everything. And put your kit somewhere hidden but easy to get to

Step 3: Entertainment

I would suggest a small notebook or small portable 1-4 player game

Step 4: String

I would suggest a strong type like 550 cord (parachute cord) or a shoelace

Step 5: Barter or Trade

I would use gold or silver ingots and/or coins

Step 6: Tweezers

Can be used for many things

Step 7: Screwdriver

I would use both a flat head and a Phillips head (The head that looks like an x)

Step 8:

Step 9: Flashlight

I would suggest one that is not that bright so u don't attract attention to yourself

Step 10: Pills + Medicine

I would use water purification pills, pain killers,ointment,band aids, head ache pills, etc.



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    Also include a tampon, it can be used to stop a bullet wound from bleeding

    And the part that said "items needed" was supposed to look like a list but for some reason it failed, oh well

    The "want her" was supposed to say "couldn't get" but my stupid auto correct kicked in as always

    I didn't have all the materials listed cause i am 12 so I could want her a hold of them.