Pocket Cork Board for Notes and Songs!



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Introduction: Pocket Cork Board for Notes and Songs!

It 'a very simple project, divided into two steps, which only requires a little skill to cut the wood with the saw nothing more ...

Let's start!

Materials needed:

- Table of plywood, thickness 3 mm or more
- Table of cork, thickness 3 mm or more
- Adhesive vinyl
- Nails
- Two small speakers (recovered from an old CRT monitor)

Step 1: Preparing the Board

1 ° - Cut two tablets of the same size.

2 ° - Glue the cork layer of the plywood.

Step 2: Assemble

1 ° - Cut out the pieces of plywood and cut the strips as shown.

2 ° - Create boxes to hold the speakers.

3 ° - Assemble everything with nails and glue as shown.

4 ° - Enjoy  ;-)



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