Picture of Pocket pal (duct tape money thing)
A pocket pal is kinda like a duct tape money clip, but then
agian it's not.
You can give this as a present for Birthdays, Christmas, even Valentines Day.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
What you will need
1. Duct tape
2. Trading card (it has to be a trading card)
3. Ruler
4. Knife
crayzclown15 years ago
 Sweet little wallet\sleeve! Works like a charm.
Woah! Is the decoration on the front made of duct tape? I've always tried to do complex drawings on duct tape stuff, but they never really turn out right.....
I made one with a cap to it
me too its cool!
AznPanda7 years ago
uhhh thats cool
Gwenieviere7 years ago
I made a coffin bag out of duct tape, I've never tried making a pocket pal though I should try this ==
ren76247 years ago
i used masking tape and its blue so nice instructable
Thanks I appreciate that.
dimdiode7 years ago
for gmjhowe: here's one in uk ebay - it has the same blade, is lock-back and even has the belt clip, and its £4.

gmjhowe7 years ago
i like the instructable, short and sweet, by the way, i really like that knife u got pictured there, where is it from?
Home Depot it is husky knife, and it is about 8 bucks.
sigh, i like in the uk, and i cant find one on ebay, nechance u could sort me out with one?
dentsinger7 years ago
innuendo...per chance?