Pocket Potato Gun





Introduction: Pocket Potato Gun

I have entered this in the pocket sized contest. Please vote for me. and subscribe please!

It is six inches long, and an inch wide. It is powered with propane and an electric sparker from a lighter.


Step 1: Materials

These are the items you will need:
- super glue (may not need it)
- wire
- electrical tape
- duct tape
- thumb tacks
- pen
- pliers
- knife
- sparker (from lighter)
- wire snips
- glue stick


- Q-tip

- 5-10 mm slice of potato

Step 2: The Combustion Chamber

The glue stick (picture one)
-remove the cap and excess glue from the stick.

- carefully break off the part that twists on the bottom. (picture two)

- now that the twisty thing is broken, take your sharp knife and cut the remnants out of the bottom of the glue stick.

- wash the glue out of the glue body. (picture three)

- nice and clean. (picture four)

Step 3: Preparing the Barrel of the Gun

The Pen
- Take the pen (picture one) and remove the grip and the writing part (picture two).
some force may be necessary.

- remove the capped end of the pen tube. I did it with my knife. (picture three)

- wrap tape around the pen tube( picture four) until it fits snugly in the glue stick body. (picture five)

- after the pen is inserted into the combustion chamber, tightly wrap electrical tape around it to make a tight fit. ( picture six)

Step 4: Preparing the Sparky Thing

Sparky thing
- cut two pieces of wire about two/three inches long. (picture one)

- push the two thumb tacks into the combustion chamber so they are about 1/8 of an inch from touching each other. (picture two)

- pull the thumb tacks out of the chamber and wrap a wire around each metal part of the thumb tacks. ( picture three)

- push them back into the chamber. (picture four)

- push the two wire ends into the sparker. (picture five)

- tape all around the sparker except for the trigger. ( picture six)

- this part is hard to explain. take the thumb tacks out of the chamber while leaving the wires where they were. tape over the wires. push the thumb tacks trough the tape, the wire holes, and through the holes in the chamber. ( pictures six and seven)

Step 5: Now Its Done

just place the cap on the chamber and now your done.

Step 6: Amunition

use propane as a propellant.

as the ammunition push the barrel into the potato and pull it back out with the piece of potato in the barrel. push it down with the ram rod. fill the combustion chamber with propane and quickly close the cap.


aim, fire and have fun!

Step 7: Cleaning the Gun

after using the gun for a while, it will stop sparking inside. for starters, try dipping the q-tip into some alcohol and rubbing the two tacks inside the combustion chamber clean.

if that does not work, try making sure the wires are touching everything they are supposed to touch.

other wise, it may be time to retire you potato gun, or get a new sparker.



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    very nice and by the way you certainly have a lot of propane

    Do you have to use propane or can you use hair spray or another household item? Also, can you use a part from a bic lighter?

    2 replies

    hey, sorry it's taken me like 2 months to reply! guess i've been... on second thought i don't really have an excuse. anywho, no, you don't just have to use propane. you can use sprays and such, the liquid tends to build up on the igniter pins. that's why i like to use gasses. so if you do use spray, but sure to not use much! also, the bic lighters don't really work, because there is not way to contain the combustion and also safely strike it. hope that helped,


    I also agree, I have not been on instructables in month, there is no excuse!

    when you spray in the hairspray wouldnt the flamible fumes go out the barrel instintly?

    2 replies

    You could load your ammo before you spray or add your selected fumes. This would prevent the barrel leaking.

    that's actually why i don't use hairspray.  i don't think it comes out instantly, but if you don't put the cap on quickly, i'd imagine that it would come out rather quickly.  i use propane, and because its more dense that air, it doesn't come out of the combustion chamber unless you tip it upside down. 
    hope that helped, 

    Hello could you tell me if you can only use a long lighter or any sparker from any lighter like a small bi lighter ?

    1 reply

    i don't think one of those small lighters would work, because than you can't seal the combustion chamber properly.  i use the long lighter type sparker, because it's the perfect size.  but really, you can use like one of those grill sparkers, or a stove sparker.  it should work as long as the chamber is sealed.
    good luck,

    well, i've never tried it, but if it's flammable, then i'd guess it would work.  make sure you use very little fuel.  it should be approximately 15 parts air to 1 part fuel vapor... good luck

    Butane Lighter Fluid and White Rain Hairspray So Far Are The Best I Found

    well hey, if someones eyes get shot out, i don't want to be in trouble lol (:

    Mine doesn't fire at all, but sometmes fires fire out the back with the cap on from the side. ANy suggestions?

    5 replies

         This could be a number of different things.  Check to make sure it's sparking inside.  Also, your potato could be too big.  If you use liquid fuel, you may be using too much, so just put a tiny bit.  Try cleaning it with alcohol. 

    well, with the jumble of sentences above, i hope you found your problem.  if not, just let me know, and i'll try to think of other reason's it wouldn't be working.

    good luck,
     creator 1

     Thanks for the reply. Sometimes it will fire, and other times won't fire for a long time. I spray in for half a second hairspray, (very flammable kind LOL) and it barely works. It sparks inside, I found that out the hard way by shooting the potato into my face once, but it still sparks. What could cause it to be unresponsive. Does yours work on every fire?

    uh oh.. got me stumped.  I really don't know what would cause that.  Mine fires every time.  the only time it doesn't spark is when the potato juice gets everything inside the gun wet, then it doesn't work very well. 
    I hope it all works out for you, and sorry that I couldn't help a bunch...

    let me know if you get it figured out,
    Derek  (:

    oh, and let me know if it sparks or not  ;)

     oh yeah, it sparks, but the thing is that i spray some hairspray for bought half a second, and sometimes works, but sometimes doesn;t. But if you take off the back cap, it shoots out a flame. Weird, idk whats wrong.